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A sad note
tnwaltz1 Send a Message
Townsend, TN
Have been a few lower of Nancy Zieman since the 80's. Then found Eleanor and Quilt in a Day. Got on Nancy's website yesterday to read she would be retiring. Sorry she has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Between Nancy and her sewing and quilting shows and later starting to watch QIAD these were the ladies who taught me the most and the best. So if any of you know of NancyZieman keep in our prayers
9/20/2017 6:07:57 AM
Pilot2b Send a Message
How sad. It might be nice if we all send her a card or e-mail.
9/25/2017 11:44:50 AM
Oasis Send a Message
West Coast
Nancy has had some really nice teaching videos. Sorry to hear she is fighting cancer. Thanks for posting the info.
10/18/2017 8:19:47 AM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
sorry to hear her battles, I like her shows too.
10/21/2017 7:43:54 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo
My mom had lung cancer that went to her bones...My prayers for Nancy

10/27/2017 8:19:39 AM
Pilot2b Send a Message
Nancy passed away on Nov. 14.

How sad.

11/25/2017 5:14:09 PM
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