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new here
Grumpy#1 Send a Message
Laramie, WY
Hi! I am new here and am interested in block swaps or something similar. How/where do I start? thank you!
7/6/2017 6:30:55 PM
MainelyMe Send a Message
Swaps and things have their own thread. Just go back to the top of this page and hit the " Return to community Listings" spot. And then look for the Swaps thread.
Welcome, by the way!
7/17/2017 6:13:39 PM
tmilliken Send a Message
United States
Hi, I am Tom

This post has been edited.
7/18/2017 1:12:56 PM
Pilot2b Send a Message
Welcome! I am originally from beautiful Rapid City, and moved to Denver Metro area in 2008 following retirement. Taught at Central High School for nearly 20 years. when I was a kid, told my parents, when I grow up I want to raise Mustang Horses in WY. Well, never did, but wish I had the land and the $ to rescue them from the .

Happy quilting. Do you know how to quilt? Is there a quilt store in Laramie? I know it was either Wal Mart or Kmart that I spent some time in during a blizzard with daughter and family following Christmas of 1997. They were stationed in Mtn. Home AFB, Idaho and I flew in to Boise and left with them the next day to spend Christmas with SIL parents in Denver, then spent time in Cheyenne at his grandparents home. Grandfather was a retired Colonel in USAF. Hit a bad storm coming into Laramie, stayed over nite. winds leaving Cheyenne were awful. My SIL and his grandfather had put a topper on top of car and after we got on highway, we had to turn around, had to turn around and remove toper.

what ever the store was, I was in fabric dept. and stood in line for quite a while and others behind me. SO, I went around to the cutting table, called the store and told them we needed help in fabric dept. The gentleman was none to happy, as he asks, "WHO IS THIS"| well, I gave him my speel. "I am Helen E--------, an educator from RCSD, and there is a need for an employee in this dept.AND I do not like the tone of your voice!"

Happy Quilting!

7/20/2017 7:15:21 AM
Pilot2b Send a Message
Hello Tom and Grumpy- welcome to the neighborhood!

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9/25/2017 12:00:22 PM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
Welcome and swaps I've done 2wice lots of fun..
11/27/2017 5:06:03 PM
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