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color running
quiltedwhisker Send a Message
how do you remove color that has run in your finished quilt? thank you
7/7/2010 7:00:08 AM
I'm afraid I have no idea how to remove color that has run.

I would recommend next time you wash a quilt that hasn't been washed, or even several times, to use the Color Catchers that are in the detergent aisle.

You might try lemon juice on the affected areas and lay in sunshine. I use peroxide for scorch marks, so you could also try peroxide and sunshine. (Both were used in the 60s for hair bleach.)

If you can, you might overdye the whole quilt in a similar (pale) color (tye-dye), or if it isn't much, perhaps applique over the "runs" (butterflies or flowers or something that would go with the theme of the quilt).

Someone might know if Grandma's Secret Spot Remover would work. El advertises it on her show on RFD tv.

You also might try soaking the quilt in a detergent with stain remover in it. Also, use a Color Catcher. It might lighten the stain and all the other colors, but it might be worth it.

Or, you could say "it won't be seen from a speeding car" or "will it matter in the long run?"

So sorry I don't have the miracle answer you are hoping for. Perhaps someone will, and I can learn from them, too!

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7/7/2010 2:09:23 PM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Yes - Grandma's Spot remover works on color runs - I hope that you haven't dried the fabric in the dryer - that sometimes sets the run color - just wash it again with the Grandma's - may take several times - you can set a color that is running by adding plain old white vinegar to the water - quite strong - let it sit in the water for several minutes - then rinse out - you may have to rinse several times until the color no longer bleeds. You can also dissolve salt in the water - instead of the vinegar - but the vinegar works the best.

When you bring home a piece of fabric - you can sometimes feel the over dye - sticky and thick feel to the fabric. Just rinse that fabric in cold water in the sink until the color stops - that is no more color in the water - change the water several times. Then set the fabric with the vinegar and that should solve your problems in the future.

Good luck and I hope that this may help.
7/7/2010 5:50:19 PM
Joannequilts Send a Message
I just used the Grandma's Spot Remover that I ordered here at QIAD. It is AWESOME!
On my tablecloth quilt someone had spilled some water on it and the red fabric bled onto the white. I put the spot remover on as directed, let it sit for about 15 minutes, and washed as usual (and I added 4 of the Color Catcher sheets!). It worked beautifully! Took out ALL of the runs and the color catcher sheets soaked up the excess red dye.

FYI...I had pre-washed the red fabric several times before I made the quilt...obviously you still need to use the color catchers with any of the deep colors! lol!

7/8/2010 8:17:44 AM
Joanne & Jana-- I'll be getting a bottle of "Grandma's"!!! Thanks for your info. I knew about the vinegar but needed a refresher course! Those color catchers are a great product!
7/9/2010 6:44:07 AM
quiltnut1 Send a Message
apollo beach fl
I have a friend that washed and dried her quilt and the colors had run. She had never heard of Shout's Color Catcher's. After rewashing and drying the quilt is fine, it actually looks as good as new.
1/14/2011 10:33:47 AM
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