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Prayer Shawl Pattern
TooMuchFabric Send a Message
Windy Country
I would like to make a Prayer Shawl. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to find a pattern?

Jo Ann
6/9/2009 5:08:22 AM
Evie Send a Message
I have never heard of this before! Tell us more about it. How did it get that name. Is it similar to a prayer quilt where people pray as they tie it, a different person for each tie.

6/9/2009 6:17:32 AM
northbound Send a Message
9th planet
Here's the site for Prayers & Squares ministry:


Click on "All about Quilts" to see their recommendations for size, which takes into consideration wheelchairs, bed rails, etc.

Sharon C.
6/9/2009 7:50:07 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
My SIL makes prayer shawls. She tells me they are for someone going through a tough time emotionally, physcially, mentally, spiritually - whatever. And as she crochets each shawl, she tries to send her best, most healing, most loving thoughts to that person - or crochet them into the shawl, if you will. Many medical problems and treatments as well as shocking events leave people chilled. So a shawl has a practical use as well. I think most of us do the same thing with our quilts, don't we? Plus, it's therapeutic for the giver as well as the recipient.

I'll ask my SIL if she will send me her pattern. She lives in Alaska and isn't great at correspondence, but I will try.

6/9/2009 3:50:32 PM
TooMuchFabric Send a Message
Windy Country
Thank you for sharing the info on the Prayer Shawls. The one I had seen was quilted and had pockets on the inside to tuck words of encouragement.

Thanks again,

Jo Ann
6/9/2009 9:37:58 PM
Jo Ann, I have a book for prayer shawls. I got it with the intention of making shawls for some of the residents in the nursing home my dad was in. I will try to find the book and get back with you on it, it really is a good one with lots of variations in the patterns.
6/10/2009 11:21:43 AM
quiltfan60 Send a Message
I have a prayer shawl quilt book that is really really neat. It is called Prayer Shawl Quilts(9 quilts of comfort and blessing to share). It is by House of White Birches. It has a page on creating a prayer shawl quilt, about nine prayer shawl quilt patterns, and a really neat pattern for a "wedding blessing arm drape". The book has a web site DRGnetwork.com. If I can be of any help let me know. Linda.
6/11/2009 7:21:37 AM
TooMuchFabric Send a Message
Windy Country
I have not had a chance to look at the books Pam and Jan spoke about but will soon. Again, thank you.
6/13/2009 6:07:07 AM
QIAD-Linda Send a Message
Escondido, CA
I found knit and crochet FREE patterns for Prayer Shawls on Lion Brand yard website.

6/21/2009 8:20:40 PM
quilting-nanaof5 Send a Message
love quilting
there is plenty of prayer shawl patterns on the internet. I make the one called trinity. Everything is in 3's. Lion brand has shawls made of homespun. Actually a prayer shawl can be made from any pattern.
8/7/2009 7:52:33 PM
At Joann's last week, there was a book on quilted prayer shawls.
8/15/2009 9:33:18 PM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Also saw a pattern for them in Keepsake Quilting book that came in my mail today.

8/15/2009 10:12:34 PM
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