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Jolly Jacket for Fido
Geneva2 Send a Message
Charleston, SC
I saw El making this jacket on TV so I then ordered the book. I love the jacket just the way it is made in the book but I needed something for spring. My son's beautiful dog, Lady Belle, was to participate in a spring drive to raise money for the American Cancer Society, one of the themes being that cancer research helps animals as well as people. Lady Bell was to be the poster dog. Lady Belle is, so far, a cancer survivor. She was just 4 years old when diagnosid with Lymphoma in Feb. 1908. She went through one round of chemo and then symptoms recourred in April. She went through another round of chemo. Since then she has been fine, although we are all well aware that it will probably rear its ugly head again. She has already survived longer than most dogs with this kind of cancer.

Ok. She needed a spring ourfit so I made her a pink one form a fabric that had "Love" printed on it and using El's pattern.

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4/1/2010 10:41:57 AM
tagsmom Send a Message
What a lucky dog. Her outfit is adorable.
4/1/2010 6:21:57 PM
What a pretty jacket for a pretty girl! Thanks for sharing Lady Belle's inspiring story. I'm happy to hear that she has beaten cancer twice. She's fortunate to have such a loving owner.
4/2/2010 9:56:58 PM
DouceFleur1 Send a Message
She is beautiful, a real Lady Belle !!! Nice jacket!
4/12/2010 5:32:28 AM
donnacrazylady Send a Message
Central CA
Very pretty. And she likes it! She's smiling. She makes a great poster dog for cancer. :o)
5/4/2010 5:02:15 PM
Pilot2b Send a Message
:ady Belle, how are you doing precious one? I love your new Spring coat.

6/22/2010 9:45:21 PM
kathshaf Send a Message
Bellevue, WA
I'm making the jolly jacket for a friend's dog but am confused by a the instructions. Am I supposed to sew the collar batting to the coat batting prior to layering? This is unclear (i.e. omitted from the instructions).

Thanks for your help.

10/24/2010 8:00:29 PM
toekeyotow Send a Message
Indiana Joan
I would say Lady Belle is smiling, she really likes her new jacket. Typical girl, give her something new and she has something to smile about. great job
10/27/2011 3:57:46 AM
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