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Center Seam Of Pinwheel
sewngran Send a Message
I think I am brain dead because I can't seem to understand Eleanor's instructions on the center seam of the pinwheel. I read the instructions on the Merry Go Round Pinwheel pattern on how to treat the center joining seam to keep it from puckering, but for the life of me, I can't understand how it's done. I have seen Eleanor Burns do it either on TV or one of her video's, and it seemed so simple, but that was a while ago, and this is now. I think I am just a visual person and need to see it done. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

5/21/2010 4:49:24 AM
Gran -

Try looking in the videos. It should be there. I don't have it bookmarked to help you. I'm sure if you see it again, you'll get it. It took me a couple of times doing it before I caught on.

Keep stitchn!
5/24/2010 7:33:34 AM
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