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SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, March 6th
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

Our weather still isn't too spring like, but we are gradually climbing the thermometer. We're supposed to start into the low 50's this week, though still off/on showery. It's progress!

Yesterday was a good day! I did a few uglies, got a ham in the crockpot, started a jigsaw puzzle, but then decided on a rarity for me - a nap! Riley and I got in at least a good hour of sleep. Then my sis and BIL came home so she and I went to Port Orchard to hit a new big thrift store there. I didn't find too much - a book for Albert, a puzzle to do in the hospital waiting room, and a lid for my crockpot that turned out not to fit after all. Blew my dollar there!

Today is another unknown. We girls will be staying home as the boys are taking my car in for brake adjustment. Again. Then they are going target shooting. I asked Al if he brought his gun. He says he always does. He never comes to our house unarmed in case he has to shoot his way out! lol! Gotta love in-laws! I might do a single load of wash, and I might start cutting out my next project - a large bargello quilt for DGS. His graduation/birthday celebration is looming. It all kind of depends on what June wants to do. I might set her down with my ISBS blocks and let her admire . .

LINDA - not termites! I hope it's not a huge infestation. If they had to tent your house would you have to go live in your motorhome for a few days? What about your beautiful plants? Would they be OK or would you have to take them with you? OH! and your food and dishes! Let's pray a tent isn't necessary!

TINA - Sounds like your dad is getting settled in. After my mom died, it took Daddy a bit to find his feet, but once he did, he was off! He blossomed in many ways once we let him go. It was like teaching a kid to ride a bike and then we finally took off the training wheels and watched him go. He found he enjoyed grocery shopping and cooking his own meals and he started writing, his first love. He wrote memoirs, family history, and short stories. I'm sure your dad will find his niche once all the dust (literally!) settles.

CHICKIE - I'm sorry, but I was chuckling at Doyal dismantling your couch, starting at 8pm! lol! That's about the time I'm thinking of bedtime!

BECKY - You need a revolving door at your house! Busy, busy family!

BECCA - We have a Sunset restaurant, too! sort of a coffeeshop place, though it has a bar in the back, too. It's a pretty good breakfast place.

We have enough ham and scalloped potatoes left over for tonite though Bill tossed out my ham gravy I'd made special - whole berry cranberry sauce and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. It was so good. So ham will be dry tonite. Or I might dice it up, put it in with the potatoes, leftover green beans, and have a casserole with salad. We'll see how it goes. My sis has been talking about her making ham and beans one night but so far that hasn't happened. . . . Maybe tomorrow as Bill and I will be in Seattle all day with Albert doing pre-op stuff. Anyway, something will appear on our plates tonite and hopefully tomorrow!

Thank you all for your prayers for my brother. and nephew. I rattle on a lot about them, I know. But rattling helps! And so do your thoughts. They are so much appreciated.

3/6/2018 6:10:22 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,rainy day here in Carolina.But clearing tomorrow & colder.Goodbye to our 60s.

Maryz Seems DS would rotate & cook every other nite.Glad you can get along.All Sisters do not.I never had mine to share with but know I would have loved her.

Becky Your House hold is busy but that’s part of teenagers.

Tina Sure glad Things are getting more settled at your place.Grieving takes time & everyone is different.

Irish We miss you & pray the days ahead will bring comfort & healing to you.

Chickie I Too got a laugh about the couch.Seems he must have done a good job the way you described it.

Jana Hoping Kate is doing ok & she can keep going without labor pains.

It’s a quieter day here after the yard work yesterday.We only have the grass seed to go & put on straw.Will finish up tomorrow’ I hope.
I plan to sew on more dollies this afternoon.Two little DGDs Have Birthdays coming up soon.The Little Twins Aniston & Gabriel is next wk.Gabriel is crawling but Baby Sister is content to just watch.Shes more laid back & he’s the explorer.

We have burgers thawing & I have beans to cook with them. Becca
3/6/2018 7:51:58 AM
Good morning! We are so windy—red flag fire warnings, and I’m sure small craft on the lakes. Hold on to your hair!!! I will be taking the Hooligans later and walking to see Ava. We should make good time one way and struggle the other way. I didn’t get much accomplished yesterday other than taking care of dogs and sweeping floors. The little calves came to the pen for feed, too. They are spending more time with the herd, and I see all five of the calves hanging together—marauders of the pastures! We will be seeing new babies any time. Several of the cows look VERY pregnant.

Becca--Yes, DH got the sofa fixed and working good as new. You would think a La-Z-Boy would last a little while. Maybe we spend too much time using it!!!

Mary—have fun hanging with your sis today. I know you will tame that Bargello in no time!!!

Linda—I don’t think I’ve ever seen them tent a house around here. They usually just treat without it. Hope you have only a bit of infestation and it’s an easy treat/fix!

Mary--what a wonderful blossoming of your dad! My grandpa used to do handyman work for all the “widder” women in the neighborhood. They were happy to feed him a big lunch and get their repairs done. We all teased him about his “widders”, but it was good he got out and still worked.

Brunch time here. I threw country style beef ribs in the crock pot. I’ll fix some rice, salad and asparagus. Or, we have Audubon meeting, so we may have burgers out and these tomorrow night.

Bon appétit!
3/6/2018 8:36:30 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Mary - lots of prayers for you and your family. I love bargello quilts - Oranges will be fun!

Becca - so nice to have your family near and basement rmpty!

Chickie - we had that wind the other day - hold on, we have really nice weather I will send on! Michael fixed one of our Lazy Boys awhile back, it's about 10 years old and still going strong!

Kate is still doing better. Sarah is too. Sarah's last concerts are this weekend. The other day, one of the local TV stations ran a story on the concerts and urged everyone to go. Even the Lt Govenor of the state is cominh. Only one minor problem, the venue has been sold out for months. Even standby is limited, so the only open seats are for the tech rehersal on Thursday. Not a bad problem to have! The production is getting well known here in the valley.

Dinner - haven't figured out what I am in the mood for - so we will see later in the day.


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3/6/2018 9:51:58 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Dinner jumped into the basket bbq ribs, macaroni salad and asparagus.
3/6/2018 3:39:40 PM
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