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Mar 6 daily devotion
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)

The Act of Celebration
Leviticus 23

In the Old Testament world, festivals marked the changing of the seasons, the bringing of the harvest, the shearing of the sheep, and so on. For the Israelite nation, these feast days were also spiritual markers of the journey the people had taken under God's care.

Te most basic feast was the Sabbath, a day set aside every week to rest as God had in creation. Then there were the annual feasts. theses celebrations commemorated significant historical events in which God had shown Himself in a mighty way.

Some of our holidays commemorate spiritual events as well: Easter, Christmas, Lent, and others. We use these holidays to join as communities of faith and remember together what God has done in us and among us.

You may even have a date of celebration where God did something special or extraordinary in your life: Salvation, Baptism, or answered prayers that you celebrate.

Sit back ponder and thank God for all He has given you and done for you and celebrate His faithfulness to answering your prayers.

Hugs and prayers
3/6/2018 4:04:12 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Thanks Izzy for providing our devotional.

The celebration of Easter & Christmas are very important days in our lives as believers.Its Sad to see what theWorld has done to these sacred day’s .May we all strive to keep Christin our celebrations each year.

Thank God for all he's done for me .Every good & perfect gift is from above.,coming down from the Heavenly Father of light.s. James 1:17. God bless each one. Becca

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3/6/2018 5:11:35 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
It is important to remember special days. Here from my view at my house are several Temples, that remind me daily of what I have and how blessed we are. Above each door, entrance to the Temple is written, The House of the Lord, and Ho,iness to the Lord. A place where we can serve and bless the lives of others by service to the Lord.
3/6/2018 11:17:27 AM
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