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SUPPER CLUB - Monday, March 5th
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

Yesterday while my sis was gone we did laundry, changed bedding, and I pieced a backing for my Valentine quilt. I think that's about all I accomplished. Then I had a 3-hr bout with insomnia last night so I finished reading a book. Today my sister comes back but we have no particular plans. The day will evolve. They all do.

We talked to my nephew yesterday morning and turns out he WANTS to stay up at the hospital with Albert so not only is he going to stay with his mom, but he extended her 4-day hotel rezzie to the full 8 days Al is expected to be in-house. He had no idea that I had been asked to stay with Barb. So, while I'll be there most days, I won't be staying overnight now. He is a good son. (and nephew!)

I've been spending time packing, unpacking, repacking, re-unpacking, etc. because at first I wasn't going to be staying, then I was, then wasn't, then was, and now I'm not. Again. So I finally settled on putting a toothbrush and clean tee-shirt in the car - just in case. It's starting to get funny.

I contacted IRISH over the weekend. She said she'd been doing OK but Kathy and Tim were leaving that afternoon and it was going to get lonely fast. She had plans to bake cookies to take to the facility where Jim was, and she hopes to return to caring for the purr-babies one day soon. She was so grateful for all the cards, messages, and prayers from our group. And one day soon, she hopes to have the energy to sit back down at our table.

BECCA - oh, how a 67-degree day would be nice here! Sounds like you made good use of it. It had to feel good on your bones! I bet your yard will be looking beautiful again as soon as those May flowers start popping. We've only been in the 40's with a damp breeze - but my candy tuft is also starting to blossom. It's tough tuft.

TINA - what's the report from your house these days? Did they finish getting the trailer all skirted? Is the porch on?

JANA - I love all your little Ethanisms! The cereal mixture is a beauty! haha! When I was little (pre-school age), we had pancakes almost every morning and I remember Mom cutting my pancake for me, grid fashion, but it HAD to be carefully reassembled in a purrfect round before I would eat it. And once, when we were camping, I overheard her say she forgot to salt the potatoes while cooking them over the fire. I didn't really know what that meant, but when I refused to eat them, they made me, and what ensued was one of the very few tantrums I ever threw. What a little twerp I must have been! Not cute like Ethan!

Since our ham supper was cancelled last Friday due to lack of hunger, we're going to have it tonite with potatoes (salted!), salad, and green beans.

What's going to be bubbling in your pot tonite?

3/5/2018 6:36:18 AM
Good morning! We are windy, windy, windy! I have dog duty for all three plus mine today and Choc and Maggie tonight. I get a day off, then DS goes back to work for 48 hours—definitely keeps me hopping.

Mary—a day with nothing to do is not a good thing… they seem to evolve into packed craziness. Last evening at 8:00, DH decided to tear into his end of the recliner sofa and figure out why it wouldn’t close properly. He practically dismantled and rebuilt the whole thing and had to re-apply the upholstery, but he got ‘er done! I’d had a full day and was ready to relax, but no… able assistant drafted.

Wow! You got a major reprieve from staying with your SIL! What a great nephew/son!!! I know you feel like you can relax a bit.

Thank you for the update on Irish! I think of her so much. I knew she was still probably dealing with all the hubbub of it all, but then… the quiet is deafening. So glad she is going to make some busy work and get back to the furbabies.

I had a nice visit with Mom Saturday. She was in a good mood. My sister’s SIL was visiting them, and she brought some quilts she was delivering to her nephews. Mom called me Friday and told me to come in early to go see her quilts. We had a fun visit showing photos and chatting about quilts. I was about 5 minutes late to meet my friend for coffee.

We were 61 degrees yesterday, but it was overcast and windy and never felt like the 60s. I made a fast walk to Choc and Maggie’s. I drove the rest of the time. In between I did laundry and made DH some BBQ beef and myself my faux pho. He wanted biscuits and gravy for brunch, so I spent too much time in the kitchen!

That brings me to dinner… LEFTOVERS! My favorite thing to make other than reservations!!!

Sorry, this is short. I need to pay some bills before DH returns from coffee.

Bon appétit!
3/5/2018 7:47:35 AM
gershwin64 Send a Message
Good morning :)
Mary, I'm glad your nephew will be staying with his mom, it'll give you a nice break.
The skirting is all finished, the chain link fence is all finished, I'm not sure what's next.
I'm making meatloaf or tacos or burritos for supper, I gotta get with Dad or my sister in law and see what they ate last night, I try not to duplicate.
3/5/2018 7:49:18 AM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
Morning everyone:

We got another 1 1/2" over the weekend here and lots of snow in the mountains. Everyone is ecstatic! It did prevent us from going to Fresno to the Spring home show on Friday, which was senior day, or Saturday. So we went on Sunday. The sun played peek a boo, but it never got out of the 50's. Spent 3 hours walking the fair grounds and looking at everything. Amazing how much we DON'T need at our age anymore (house is all remodeled). But it was fun to get out.

Just as we thought everything was going along smoothly, little flying bugs appeared at the windows in the family room on Friday. DH, being the detective he is, sat and watched, moved boxes (he is crateing up old tax and office records) around and discovered a small hole in the family room wall next to the garage. They were emerging from there. I took a look at one under the magnifier and sure enough...TERMITES! They had wings and were swarming. That means there is a nest somewhere and it has reached capacity and sending out the extras to start a new nest, sort of like bees. DH is a freaker and so he freaked. I just taped a baggy over the hole the catch any more and told him to call Terminix. The inspector can't come until tomorrow so today we have to move all the furniture away from the wall in the family room, then move all the garage stuff away from the wall on the other side in the garage. I hope he doesn't make too many holes in the wallboard in the family room looking for termites. And I also hope we don't have to have the house tented. Life just got interesting!

Today is only going to be in the 50's, still frosty in the mornings. DH has made some delicious meals last week, but my stove shows the results, my morning will be spent cleaning it and the floor. DH says tonight will be breaded chicken cutlets, peas and corn and boiled potatoes. I baked madelines this weekend and they will be for dessert. I find them too cakey. May try another recipe.

Have my TLQ quilting group today too. I also won Maryq's March lotto!

Well, have a good week, it should be warming up soon. Prayers to all those in need, including Irish and Albert. Have a good week.


3/5/2018 8:50:55 AM
gershwin64 Send a Message
Linda, how do you clean the dust off of your African Violet leaves? I have one that looks in bad need of a cleaning.
I hope they get rid of your termites and they didn't do bunches of damage.

This post has been edited.
3/5/2018 9:52:34 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Sounds like everyone is busy this week. We are too, can't believe how busy these kids keep us. We only had one at home all the time, JR's son was here most of the summers, but I don't remember anything like this! Of course, we did live in town too, so maybe we didn't notice the run here, run there so much.
Tonight, we are having a pork tenderloin in the crockpot. Not sure if JR will be able to eat that or not. He says he wants to try, and if not we have mashed potatoes with it.
Funny about your tantrum Miss Mary. My DGS did a similar thing when Poppa made him cinnamon toast with his hot chocolate one morning. Poppa didn't cut it on the diaganol like Grandma does, and Oh my gosh, you would have thought that Poppa was a sinner from way back! Funny what they get in their little minds, for sure.
Hope you all have a great week. Shan is going out of town on Wednesday for a meeting, until Friday sometime, so I am in charge! Boy, would I rather not be.....Take care. Becky
3/5/2018 10:26:30 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,Been busy here today.Been cloudy but no rain.So we put the top soil down & I spread more mulch.Beginning to look a lot better here.

Maryz Sure Glad you don't Have to spend the nite & great the DS is coming.Praying for Albert.
So glad to hear from Irish I have thought of her so much & Sending Prayers her way.
The quiet time is when it hits.Glad she will do the volunteering again.

Becky The running of kids can get old real fast.

Chickie Glad Mom was happy to see you .And you had a good visit.

Tina Glad the chores are nearing the end I hope for you & Frankie.

Linda Sure hate to hear about the termites.And hope you don’t have to be tented.

We ate out today at ourSunset Restaurant.Still have a meal or 2 to go on gift certificate.DH had his chocolate pie & BBQ so he was happy.I had the chicken salad & soup.Very tasty. Becca
3/5/2018 1:37:44 PM
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