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SUPPER CLUB - Sat, March 3rd
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

We 37* and clear this morning. And going to 49* today. I can dig that!

Yesterday I finished my Valentine top and posted a photo. That's about all I did but it filled the day. My sister and DBIL spent the afternoon walking around town, revisiting her childhood and exploring new laces. A lot of changes have happened since she left at age 18. She's 75 now.

Today she and I are going to DD's house in Bremerton -30 mi north. From there, we're all going to an antique flea market at their fairgrounds. Our 'dates' will all meet us later for an early supper at Red Robin for an early supper. Our grandson will be working tonite so we'll get to have him serve us. And we plan to all switch places after we give our orders! We are evil grandparents and work at honing our skills.

JANA - congratulations to Sarah! and so sorry she tripped and fell but knowing your DD, I'm sure she carried it off with aplomb! We'll be on baby watch with you! You better get busy on that quilt!

LINDA - yay for snow in your mountains! Ours have been getting hammered, too. Skiers love it! Campers, not so much. But it means green for the summer! We did the purge and shred thing while our carpet was being installed and we were confined to downstairs. I guess we should do it again - that was 3-1/2 yrs ago. Amazing how quickly paper mounts up.

CHICKIE - I'm so glad I already did all my closets and dressers. Big job! Though, with all the shopping my sis and I are doing, I need to do it again! But later. Your babies all sure love you! You have trained them well!

BECKY - glad your household is back up to speed after all the sick. your hubby is really going through it, but sounds like he's making the best of it. When my brother was having swallowing issues, I bought him a tableside food grinder, almost identical to the one we had for my youngest DD when she was a baby. We just put whatever was for dinner through the grinder. It didn't look like much and it retained all the flavor of the food, no liquids had to be added.

TINA - there you are! We missed you! I was starting to worry. You are a busy girl! Did Frankie finish up the clearing job he was doing for a cousin? You are doing a lot of cooking! You could always use my late DH#2's method of cooking before I knew him: (and today is his birthday.) He cooked for himself and his two teenagers. Whatever he made, it was in huge quantities and they ate on it for 4-5 days. If anyone didn't like it they were free to cook whatever they wanted. lol! Though it's a bit hard to imagine Preston in the kitchen whipping up a pork roast supper!

BECCA - how is the moving going? Did DS get everything moved into his house yet? I wish him contentment and eventual happiness as he starts this new phase of his life.

I was planning a ham supper last night because I know it's my sister's favorite but while they were out they stopped at a Mexican restaurant and had a big lunch and weren't hungery when they got home. So I tossed the ham into the freezer and made tomato basil soup and grilled cheese sandwiches instead. Tonite we're eating out at Red Robin and then I think our company will be going to their son's in Renton for one or two nights.

What's the outlook in your kitchen?
3/3/2018 6:05:35 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,sunny & warming here.Down to 31 last nite after a windy day yesterday.Many Without Power.We didn’t get the worst.Winds were up to 60 close here.
Our Mtn In beckons us protects us from a lot of severe weather.

Maryz Thanks for wishes for DS,Hes so deserving & I hope he can find happiness .They still have one big pice of Furniture to go back mostly allies gone from our basement.Looks empty now.lol

After this wk I feel beat but today is another new day.Got the laundry done.Our Dinner will-be Chicken tenders.And a veggie.DH has his treat & there’s always ice cream Becca
3/3/2018 7:17:00 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good afternoon!

Just got back from buying the vanity for the Batt Cave Outhouse - glad that we waited, Home Depot lowered the price $80! Whoo Hoo! Now our sweet neightbor, the pilot is helping haul down the vanity and the toilet - it is getting closer! Another Whoo Hoo!

Dinner leftovers - tacos and broccoli cheese soup - need to make another set of bread bowls though.

Ethan is with my niece seeing the movie Peter rabbit - not sure if that is a good thing - the antics that Peter Rabbit pulls on Mr. McGregor could give our little boy ideas! LOL He will come up with them on his own!

Kate update - the doctor has recontrolled all the hard labor pains and feels that we will be able to hold off Lila another couple of weeks. That is a good thing! Kate is miserable, but we are at the end, almost.

Gracie got her first haircut yesterday. Trimmed up to just her shoulders - she looks cute.

Well, time to scoot,
Enjoy the day!
3/3/2018 11:24:15 AM
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