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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, March 2nd
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

We had a sunny day yesterday, for the most part! And for an unplanned day, we were pretty busy! Bill and Al took our car into Tacoma to have squeaky brakes looked at, left the car, and came home. they called almost immediately, said car was fixed, and Bill invited June and I to go along to get the car and then we could go goof off in Tacoma. This we did. You all know how we spent our afternoon, I'm sure. More bargains! Now, today is our down day. I can use it.

My brother called yesterday. He asked if I would stay for 4 days at the hospital inn with his wife when he has his surgery. She is the one who is neurotic, depressed, and can barely walk because she spends her days sitting on the bed watching soap operas. Refuses to even walk to the mailbox and now she's half crippled. And she's afraid to be at the hospital without someone there to take care of her like Albert always does. Of course, I told him I would do it. I'd rather have a tooth pulled but if it's one worry off my brother's chest, I'll do it. But now I'M depressed! lol!

This morning I'll be getting a quilt top ready for the frame and piecing the backing.

BECCA - My LDH's sister and her husband live in Concord, NC and he's also a retired minister (Baptist, I believe) with 35 yrs under his belt. If they are of the same religion, they very well may know each other.

CHICKIE - I'm glad your temps are a tiny bit higher. I know your walk and it has to be so nice when weather is cooperating. You've had a busy morning! At least you didn't have to add bottle calves to the mix! But I bet you miss those sweet faces in the morning. I think you're going to have a lot of fun with Lori's swap! It gets the creative juices flowing!

JANA - the drama never stops at your house! Or at Sarah's house, anyway! Tempting as it might be to let the Other Person try and fail, I doubt that's the way your daughter lives her life. She will make good on her own successes rather than someone else's failures. Go, Sarah!! How's Kate? How's the bathroom?

TINA - you must be skin and bones by now! Are you eating your supper??

I'm so used to having leftovers that I was just planning on more chicken parm tonite for supper, until I realized this morning that there were no leftovers! But I do have a ham in the fridge that needs to be cooked so I think I'll do that with mashed potatoes and green beans and hot rolls.

That's my menu. What's yours?
3/2/2018 6:21:22 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

When it rains, it pours! The drama de jour - the other person got told no to some of her plans by the board members, so she got her nose out of joint and didn't show up to do her job. So Sarah stepped in and saved the performance last night and many many members came up to thank her. So all went well, except for Sarah getting her foot tangled in some wires in the orchestra and face planting there. No damage except to her pride. Oh, this happened during the orchestra playing and she managed to miss all instruments and music stands. They have a assistant conductor who we thought was in Hawaii this weekend, but that trip is next weekend, so he conducted. The high school won, so we will see how that goes.

Now Kate - we will be getting a baby shortly - the last signs before full blown labor have happened with strong contractions, so that will be between 33 and 34 weeks. Today is a full 33 weeks. Aaron put us on full alert, as Kate's mom is going to St George to visit family.

Dinner - tacos - another Ethan favorite. We just took him to school and as he puts it, he will visit with his mom this aftternoon. He is such a funny little boy!

Jana, from the house of hulabaloo!

This post has been edited.
3/2/2018 8:02:12 AM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
Morning everyone!

We have had 1 1/2" of rain in the last 24 hours, 3 -4 feet of snow in the mountains and we still have 2 days to go on this storm. We are so excited! Our snow playground in the Sierra's, China Peak, has been closed all winter and was facing bankruptcy due to lack of snow. Now they are scrambling to call their workers back. So we have had another "March Miracle". Only problem with this, we won't be going camping early...the snow will probably last into May.

All is quiet here. DH and I have been going through the file cabinets in the computer room since we are confined inside. We have been putting papers into it for years, but never purging. It feels so nice to be getting organized. DH has been doing a lot of shredding. However, just like the kitchen, he makes a huge mess, especially when he tries to empty the shredder...little pieces everywhere. Then he tracks it down the long hall on his way to the trash can. Fortunately I have a pretty good hand vacuum, and I just follow behind and vacuum up...until he does it again. Now that we are 70 and retired, we are trying to get our "affairs in order" so that my brother has an easier time handling our estate if something happens to us. There have been so many losses last year and this year already, we are feeling very mortal.

I finished the donation quilt and am waiting for the backing to arrive, taking a break from the involved quilt I started for my god daughter, so I am working on an Easter table runner for my grand nieces. I love the colors, the bunnies, the eggs, and the fun of making it. I'm even free motioning running bunnies around the edge.
In between I am refurbishing my friend's Featherweight. I have already refurbished 2 others that are for sale, and have 1 more arriving in the mail Monday, to be refurbished. This is beginning to become a part time business! Machines are filling up my living room!

MaryZ- Hope for the best for both You and your DB when he has surgery. Take lots of hand work to do while you wait.

Jana - Best wishes also, for a strong, healthy baby!

Dinner tonight will be pizza, the kind you pick up and bring home to cook yourself. DH gets it perfect everytime.

Thinking of you all, prayers for those in need.


3/2/2018 8:44:38 AM
Here I am! We had an appointment with our accountant this morning. GULP!!! We owe, we owe, so no more shops I go… I still have to make brunch, but a renter called just as we got home, and he had money… back to town drove DH. You gotta get it when the gettin’s good, or it won’t be there tomorrow.

Oh, Mary! I know you are depressed! I would feel the same way as you are feeling. Pack your featherweight or baby stitch, a light, an extension cord and some projects. I do miss my calf babies! They are funny when I walk across the pasture and they see me. Blondie looks like a huge white dog running as fast as she can to me, and Annie is a big black rhino hurtling at me. I’ve had to go back and get alfalfa for them before I could finish my walk to the dogs. I am looking forward to this swap and making my blocks—just hope they look half as good in reality as they do in my mind!!!

Rose—the weather is just crazy! We are either too wet or too dry—never a “just right”, although the rain we had certainly helped the pastures and winter wheat here. I have GOT to work on my closets and dressers! I’ll take a page from your cleaning and purging… maybe. I love the sound of your runner and your quilting.

Jana—I’m sure Sarah will do her best in spite of all the craziness going on around her. Sounds like she made a real “hit” with her conducting!

What, Mary, no leftovers?! Sounds like you have a good plan for tonight. We had some more of a different surf last night. There are a few left, and I will add some more swimmer to the mix. We have corn on the cob, and salad to go with.

Bon appétit!
3/2/2018 9:19:22 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Good morning ladies.
I think all the sickies are finally on the mend. Although a couple of them are a little hoarse this morning. Hope it all passes. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Much better than that icey crap that Miriam sent our way! LOL....
I think we will try some chicken alfredo tonight. Kids all love it, and Poppa can mush it up and take the chicken out. He was just saying yesterday, "You know, when I said I couldn't live without meat every meal, well, I can, but I don't want to" He even said he would put roast in his mouth to get the flavor for a bit. He is too funny. They are having a pizza dinner at work today, but he took mashed potatoes, some peas that he complained were too hard and I think he took jello too. I told him he could take the blender and puree the pizza. I am not his most favorite person today. Ha.
You all have a great weekend, sounds like our household is back in full motion, judging by all our wants and needs this morning. Becky
3/2/2018 10:30:15 AM
gershwin64 Send a Message
Good morning :)
Ha Mary, I wish I were skin and bones! I feel your pain but you're a terrific sister and I know Al so appreciates you.
Chickie, I bet you miss them babies but maybe that'll free up a little of your time.
Linda, we have a plan to go through our filing cabinet when summer break starts....not something I want to try with a 2 and 4 year old LOL
Jana, our girls.....Holly fell in her class room yesterday and landed on her skinny hiney, she was hurting. I hope Sarah is ok.
I've been eating....haven't lost a pound. I cook 3 meals a day, ugh. I'm ready for spring break next week, my hands need a break from all the dish washing....maybe we could not eat that week LOL
Frankie has been helping Dad everyday. The skirting should be finished today, We had a cold spell and they had to take a couple days off.
I talked to Carole last night, so nice to visit with her.
I'm not sure what supper will be, I get so tired of figuring out all these meals lately. Oh well, something will pop into my head.
3/2/2018 10:32:31 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello,a beautiful sunny day here at 58 But the wind makes it feel. Much colder.

DS is moving today & Yesterday So Hes been emptying our basement so now I can get busy & clean.

Jana Wow Sarah has had a rough wk.Glad she wasn’t hurt.Prayers for Kate and baby.

Chickie Those Babies will always remember all the attention you gave them.Glad the renters come thru for now anyway.

Tina Sure happy to hear you are plugging along.All That cooking will wear you down.But Sure Your Dad is Appreciative.

Becky Glad your sick are mended.

Linda Guess the camping trip will be fun when you go.You have a business going with your machine makeovers.

Maryz Mark is a Methodist District Superintendent now.He was a Pastor for 33 yrs.He knows a lot of other Pastors so it’s very likely he knows him.Concord is close to Hickory where they used to live.Now they are in Charlotte.Sure hope it works out for you & DSIL.

We watched Billy Graham’s Funeral Service today.He was a World wide Evangelist.
His library where the service was is in Charlotte where he grew up.Our Denise lives close to the grounds there.She said last wk on Sat when they moved his body there from His Home in Montreat the traffic was gridlocked for Over 2 hrs.

We have had many interruptions this day with DSs move.It will be turkey sausage with potatoes,carrots,& onions. Becca

This post has been edited.
3/2/2018 11:08:31 AM
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