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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, MARCH 1st
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

March! It's here! Time is flying.

CHICKIE - you are having more and more nice days. A little warmer. Thing are looking hopeful! We believe Vicki will be happy with the compost bin. I think the 3 weeks it's taken to get this response from her kids was talking up the composting thing, getting her "jazzed" as the kids put it. When Vicki is jazzed about something, she becomes obsesssed. So we're hoping for "full compliance" here.

BECKY - I hope times get less exciting t your house soon!

JANA - that's too bad about Sarah's difficulties with the choir. Does the other person want Sarah's position? Good news that she found "other work".

BECCA - your little grands sound so cute! You're so fortunate that your son will be back close to you. I know he'll be a big help to you and your hubby.

Thinking of IRISH this week. After all the business of the week and the family goes home, it's going to be lonely for her. It will take time, but like Chickie said, I hope she works her way back to volunteering with the pets. She needs furry bodies to snuggle.

Our spaghetti dinner last night was great. But there is still about a gallon of sauce left, so tonite we're going to do chicken parmesan. Also salad and green beans, maybe. After this we'll freeze the sauce in Ziplocks for future meals.

How's the menu plan looking at your house?
3/1/2018 7:00:55 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Welll, if we didn't have enough drama with the choir and Sarah - add this to the mix - the school's basketball team is playing for the state championship at the school and at the same time as Sarah's performance. The team wants to celebrate with a loud party right outside the doors to the auditorium where the perfromance will be taking place. Sarah is going down early to straighten out things today. The choir signed a contract 6 months ago and paid a large sum of money for the venue. Now there is another kicker to all this drama - the main conductor of the performance just came down with the flu! That means that Sarah will have to step in - or should I say up to the podium and conduct the full orchestra, choir and soloists with very little notice. But she knows the music and is very capable of doing this. We will be so glad when the next 2 weeks are over! Oh yes, she has written and printed out the resignation, but is hanging on to it, until the next board meeting and see how they handle the other person. I told Sarah that this other person needs to be the one to step up and conduct the orchestra - waaay out of what that person can do - so I think that the board of directors will see what a asset Sarah is and get rid of the troublemaker.

Dinner - broccoli cheese soup - one of my Ethan's favorites and he will be here most of the weekend and the next weekend too.

Enjoy - need to feed Michael - he is growling and this is not good on the day he does the budget! LOL

3/1/2018 8:53:44 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,rainy here today.Tomorrow is Supposed to be sunny.YAH

Maryz Sure hope Vicky uses the compost.Thats a lot of extra-sauce but it will come in handy.

Jana When they see Sarah filling the role the lights should go off. & let them see that she is capable to handle emergencies.

Becky Get well soon to Your House hold.

Tina We miss you & hope all is well.

Chickie Hope you are having warmer weather.Our turned colder & wet.

IRISh Im Hoping That Your day’s will be filled with comfort & you will find some fur baby to cuddle.Praying for you.

I got lots done this morning.Went to Drug Store.KMart,Thrift Store to donate,Dropped off doll baby for Wren at her Dads store.Then got groceries.It was a full morning.Got home unloaded & Denise called.She shared that Mark our DSIL is retiring this year.Means they can visit more so that’s good.Hes been in the ministry for 35 yrs.Willbe a big life changing for them.They lead such busylives.

We will have Halley beans for DH.Spinach for me.Turkey sausage.And Cookies Becca
3/1/2018 10:42:54 AM
Good afternoon! I’m late today. DH was supposed to have an appointment this morning, so I was ready to go for that when they called and rescheduled for next week. When he left for coffee, I did my yoga practice. Then he came home from coffee early and it was brunch time. We’ve been to walk the dogs, and I decorated a cookie for one of the grandsons for his birthday and got the dishwasher loaded and turned on.

I can’t believe I signed up for Lori’s swap, but I know I’ll like it. I have so many things to do… Of course, they are all brought on by ME!

Yes, it’s a little warmer today—sunny, windy and chilly but walkable!

Jana—sounds like lots of drama and conflicts for Sarah, her events, meddlesome persons… That’s when it would be time to throw my hands up and say “here, it’s yours!”

Becca—I need to purge my closets and dressers and make some donation bags! Oh, you already finished the doll baby! You are fast!!! How nice that you will be having a retirement and they can be closer or at least visit more often! Sorry you are cold and wet again!

Hard to believe it’s March!!! Time sure flies, and I don’t seem to get much accomplished.

Last night DH had surf and turf, and I had surf and Brussels sprouts with salads. Tonight will be a different surf food with salads and corn on the cob. The bananas are looking too ripe, so I may just throw them in a banana bread and be done with them. My sewing room is needing cleaned so I can start the swap, and I need to deliver the cookie… Time to be busy!

Bon appétit!

3/1/2018 1:06:53 PM
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