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SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Feb 28
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

Last day of February. My nephew was married a few years ago on Feb 29. Wonder how they are celebrating ...

Yesterday we went to see a movie, Game Night, and it was really funny. Well worth the price of admission. then we stopped for pizza on the way home so no cooking last night! Insert smiley face here!

Today Albert has 3 Seattle appointments. Nice that they try hard to pile on the appointments in one day since for him it's a 225 mile round trip to Seattle. His wife wants to go to today for the first time, as well as my niece, so I'm staying home. Our car only holds 4 people comfortable. I will stay home and play with fabric. My sis designed a block for the new Modern Swap and we're going to fiddle with that today. If I use her idea, she'll be pleased and maybe even get interested.

Good news!! Vicki's family bought her a composting bin and it's supposed to be delivered today! Yay!! Megan had to work on her a bit to get her "jazzed" about it, but sounds like Vicki is ready to give it a go. right now, the garbage is the only issue we are having with her. If this works, maybe Scottie can run free in his own back yard again!

Yesterday was the funeral for Irish's Jim. I pray all went well and I know her family is surrounding her with love and support.

BECCA - I'm so glad your son will be close to you. Just knowing he is close by will be good support for you. I bet the little ones had as great a time with you as you did with them!

CHICKIE - did you get those napkins and placemats finished? Hope your weather is staying nice! and yes, we have quite a few good thrift shops. But LQS's, not so many. One closed and the one a mile from my house, is closing this summer. (though they told me they have someone interested in buying it!)

JANA - I will keep Fridays in my mind from now on until Lila is born! Did you decide the color of your bathroom? What are the two colors you are considering?

Tonite, Al is making spaghetti. Since he won't make smaller amounts, we've got two other couples coming for supper to help maker it. He's so funny. He wants italian seasoning. I have Costco jars of oregano and basil. He says that won't work. He uses Italian Seasoning! and he says he doesn't use oregano! haha! so he's going to go buy his own. OK. So I'm staying out of the kitchen tonite, though I'll wash some salad veggies ahead of time. And then sit back and enjoy not cooking myself.

Who's making your supper tonite?
2/28/2018 6:27:19 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Good morning Miss Mary and others that follow.
We have been battling flu, tooth shards and ruptured cysts at our house. No one really feels like eating, so I guess, it will be chicken noodle soup for the sickies, and a lot of disinfecting going on. Seems like it has been a steady stream of laundry, bedding and the like....Although the easy thing is, the kids prefer canned chicken noodle soup and crackers, so no real cooking. Don't know who these kids are! That is silly!
JR had to have some shards of teeth pulled out, so he is back on the super soft food for a few days. He was so proud when the last stitch came out last week, now he is sporting a couple more. His plates won't be for a bit, they say because of his diabetes, they think, his mouth is not healing as fast so we wait.
So, exciting times at our house. Hope your day and week is going better! Becky
2/28/2018 6:40:52 AM

Good morning! We are gray, damp and gloomy here, but it’s supposed to be in the 60s again. Yesterday was overcast, and we had a rain storm in the afternoon. I got sidetracked in my sewing room and put a few things away, so I didn’t get the napkins finished. They will be completed today. All the hems are marked and ready to sew the miters, then the hems. I’ve sewn some of the miters, and I like how they look.

Mary, good news about the compost bin… now… if she just remembers to USE it! I know Scottie will be happy to get to run. So funny about no oregano with your DBIL—what’s in Italian Seasoning??? At least you are not cooking!!! Sounds like you are going to have a free day with your sis. I’m trying to think about the solids swap. I have very few solids.

I’ve thought about Irish so much. I hope she gets back to her volunteering at PetsMart. It’s important to have things to do… things to make yourself do.

Becky—you really have the crud at your house!!! Hang in there—Spring is coming! (I hope!!!) Hey, I’m all for canned soup when no one feels like cooking.

Becca—hope you had a great walk yesterday! I didn’t get to walk much, but I did my yoga practice. Some days I walk on the road, but I enjoy going through the pastures and down DS’s trails to Choc and Maggie.

Time to get busy here… Oh, dinner… I have faux pho for me. I have to think of something for DH. Maybe I’ll do leftover steak into Philly cheesesteak for him. Or perhaps it will be fajitas… I also have plenty of salad fixin’s.

Bon appétit!
2/28/2018 8:19:12 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Got bored yesterday and decided I needed to make something for me! I did up a Easter skinnie wallhanging. Bunny in a basket full of dyed eggs. Came out cute! Love having stash! So today, I have to serge together a couple of black pices of fabric for Sarah's choir's production. They cover some of the tech equipment on the stage. This will be the last of the priductions that Sarah will do. A friend, so Sarah thought, has decided to play dirty politics in the organization against Sarah. The woman is a master manipulator and Sarah has decided to step away and not sink to the manipulator's level. Most likely this year's production here will bomb badly. Sarah has been asked by the head of the organization, to help him on the National level of creating the groups to perform. Sarah is happy to help there. By making this move, it wil free up some of Sarah's time.

Mary - oh how just yesterday I was wishing for a good pizza! We had a fabulous pizza place near our CA home, that list it's lease that made the best pizza. Nothing here like it!

Becky - hang in there! The sickie season is almost over!

Chickie - love noodle soups! Haven't tried pho yet, but is on my list.

Dinner - out! Chicken I think from Popeyes.

2/28/2018 9:26:36 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,rainy dreary day here.But It’s sun some place.

Maryz We are so HAPPY DS is getting back close.We Have really missed him being here.
It was a joy to see the little ones even if Tallulah was sick she still wanted to read & play.And Little Wren who has never had anything to do with me loved me & when she got hurt she ran to me to hold her.But that baby doll will bring a smile I know.
So glad DS & Al are doing their part stepping up.I use Italian seasoning & it’s mostly sage.

Becky Wow when it hit it didn’t stop.Sure hope everyone soon heals.No fun in any of that.Get well soon.

Chickie oh yes our walks are always a lift for me.We hike when it gets warmer.We used to go every wk when we were younger.Shes having back problems so we have to go slower for her.

Jana I think Sarah is being wise.Not Getting Run over.Know That Bathroom will be Loved.

IRISH Prayers for you in the day’s ahead.May your family support & help you.We all love & support you.Hugs

We did more gravel & topsoil yesterday.Still have to let the big area dry out some more before we put on topsoil.All takes time.DH wrote the utility Co this morning to try to get action on the road.We Have it fixed but want them to at least know what we went thru & see if they will help with bill.Not holding my breath.
Must get upstairs to sew on dolly.Planbto do more while at it.Yes I do clothes Mary.

We are having beef hash,cream potatoes. And the chocolate peppermint cookies.Becca
2/28/2018 9:50:49 AM
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