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Daily devotion Feb 28
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)

Leviticus 1:1-13

The Cost of Forgiveness

In the Old Testament system of sacrifices, forgiveness came at a price-- a literal, hands-on obvious price. Today we understand forgiveness as we look at Christ's sacrifice. He was our once and for all payment for sin. In the Old Testament under the law of Moses, the people looked ahead to Christ's salvation.

When you go before God to confess your sins and accept His forgiveness, is the price Jesus paid real to you? Is it as real as if you put your hand on Jesus'head as He bore the cross of Golgotha?

Keep in mind that the price for your forgiveness was paid out of Jesus' sacrifice. The old sacrificial system gives us an effective reminder that the price was life itself.

Hugs and prayers
2/28/2018 3:54:39 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Thanks Izzy.
When we think on the cost of our forgiveness it’s very humbling.And as Easter draws near it brings it all to our minds.Thank God for giving his son to die for our sins. Becca
2/28/2018 5:18:29 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
In the Old Testament the sacrifice and offerings were in a similtude, type and shadow, of the greatest gift that Christ would give to all mankind who ever lived on this earth. The atonement, the gift of satisfying justice for all the laws that we break. We need to daily, maybe even hourly, repent and take full advantage of that great gift.

We try to walk in righteousness, but often fail, just as our Father in Heaven knew we would. But, Christ gives us the opportunity by His perfect life and atonement, that when we fail, we can repent and start over again. Sometimes over and over and over. We are a work in progress!
2/28/2018 9:11:15 AM
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