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SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, Feb 27
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

Yesterday went just as I outlined it - appointments, errands, Costco. We tasted a few samples at Costco and one, a shepherd's pie they were selling, tasted so awful to me I tossed it into the garbage can. Well, guess what June bought for our supper!! You guessed it! (you did, didn't you??) Shepherd's Pie. But fortunately, when she cooked the whole thing, It tasted much better than the samples in the store.

Today, the boys are taking our car to have the tires rotated. And about 1/2 mile away is yet another Goodwill plus Artco, a craft/fabric shop. So we girls are getting dropped off and the boys will be off doing their own thing. When we get home from that, I want to swing into our LQS. It's closing in a few more days and I need some solid fabrics for Lori's new swap. So sad to see it go but maybe I'll get some deals of fabric.

Today is the funeral for Irish's Jim. Such a hard day for her. Send some good thoughts, prayers, vibes her way if you get time. Several of us have 'been there, done that' and know what a heart-wrenching day it's going to be.

JANA - terrific to hear that Kate is doing a little better. Are we 33 weeks yet?

BECCA - so nice to have such manly help with the heavy chores! Is your DS moving in WITH you or moving in NEAR you? I'd be thrilled to have my boy closer.

CHICKIE - glad you are having some warm in your days now! It won't be long before you'll be having enough warm to share! Good to hear you are feeling a bit better now after your cow-punching. Your Valentine blocks should be to you this week so you'll have one more thing to add to your UFO box! lol!

I haven't thought about supper yet. But - maybe tacos. Or pesto pasta. My BIL got all the fixin's to make his homemade spaghetti, and meatloaf but didn't say when he plans to fix them. But he only knows how to cook for about 12 people. My fridge is loaded with hamburger, hot sausage, while huge cans of tomatoes and tomato paste are sitting on my counter. He calls his meatloaf The Hulk. I'm hoping we can talk him into making about 3 'loaves' and we can freeze a couple of them.

What's 'hulking' in YOUR kitchen for tonite?

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2/27/2018 6:14:22 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello to everyone.Sunny here & warming up.
IRISH You & your family are in my prayers today.May God comfort & strengthen you.

Maryz Our DS is moving back into his house.Hes the one that got divorced.Hes going to Remodel Bathrooms & Kitchen.So it will be a work in progress.We are Happy he will be close again,3 miles from us.DGS lives about 6 miles from us too.
Do hope DBIL makes some of his goodies for you soon.

Chickie Sure Glad you are able to keep on trucking after all the spills you take from your calves..Do take care.

Jana Sure Glad Kate is doing good for now.

We had a great time with DGD & little ones.Poor Tallulah was sick with ear infection but she still was able to play some with Grama.We read books ,played mousey mousey & she showed me her doll house & all her Christmas gifts.Little Wren was my Buddy too.I was shocked bec she usually won’t have anything to do with me.But she has worn out her baby I made her.So a new one will be coming soon.

I plan to go walking with my BFF today .Thats always a treat.

We have leftovers from yesterday.Im making chocolate peppermint cookies.We got the mix for Christmas and I’m just getting it made.Will be a new one for us. Becca
2/27/2018 7:14:05 AM
Good morning! Pocket Lint and Annie came for feed this morning. Yesterday it was Annie and Blondie a couple of times for flakes of alfalfa. I was out in my yoga clothes this morning. I finished the placemats yesterday, and today will be cutting and hemming the matching napkins. Then… I’ll be ready. I’m going to work in my sewing room and clean up some stuff, cut scraps and take some inventories. It’s a MESS!

Mary—You have a playground of shops, thrift stores, etc! Have fun!!! Sounds like your sister outdid herself fixing dinner… NOT! At least you didn’t have to do it all!!! Everything tastes better if you don’t have to do it! I think it would be great for readymade meals of your DB’s meatloaf or spaghetti—freeze the sauce, too. With all that’s going on in your family, that would be wonderful!

My heart is with Irish. I’ve been there with her and you.

Becca—I think my bones are rubber. I have a bone density test next week. We’ll see what they say. I keep hoping for improvement and out of the osteopena or at least less close to osteoporosis on the graph. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your babies! Oh, a new doll to make!!! That’s so sweet she loves them so much! Your cookies sound yummy!

Dinner tonight here… ummmmm… to be determined. I’m not inspired at the moment. We will not go hungry!

Bon appétit!
2/27/2018 7:54:57 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Quick here - the flooring material is in and we are heading out to go and get it. Narrowed the paint color to two chips. Kate is still doing well. 33 weeks will be on Friday. So each Friday is our count down.

Found a very yummy new cracker - it is from Tader Joe's - gorgonzola flavored - oh my they are addictive! Great in soup - especially the white banned chowder.

Got to run,

2/27/2018 9:16:00 AM
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