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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Feb 9th
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

Chilly, but dry! Yay, us!! So many things in the yard are starting to bud. Spring isn't far!

Our meeting with Megan went so-so. She says they feel badly about the negative and expensive impact Vicki is having on our lives. Very nicely and sweetly I said I understood how difficult Vicki is for the kids to care for, and so they simply stay away but pointed out that we are stuck here! We also discussed them going to court to get legal guardianship and we assured her that we would testify to Vicki's unstable mental state. And I reminded her that GHPD has several reports on Vicki and said they would be available if/when the family ever goes to court. Ditto the Sheriff's deputies. The cops told us this.

We said Vicki's living conditions, physical and mental states are unsafe for her and are going to get nothing but worse. Megan once told us because they aren't there most of the time that we are their eyes and ears to their mom. I pointed out that since Vicki won't even let us on the property that if she fell and broke her leg, we'd never know it and she wouldn't be found until the kids' next visit - which could be a full week. It's happened before and Vicki laid there for 10 hours before she got help.

But we told her the worst for us right now is the garbage situation - that it's intolerable and that HAD to change. She said she would look into getting her a composting bin, though there's no guarantee she'll use it.

So all in all, it was a friendly, compassionate meeting and hopefully something will come from it. Megan did not ask for more patience on our part. I believe she realized that our patience ran out when we wrote that letter. She feels frustrated because at this point, she can't force her mom to do anything and Vicki resists anything sane. We again pushed the idea of going to court. In fact, we circled back to that about 4 times so hopefully it's sinking in as a viable option. I'm not holding my breath but I do have a glimmer of hope that they will do something.

Vicki's mother and her brother both have/had Huntington's and neither of them showed this crazy beligerance so I'm thinking Vicki's been a bit this way all her life and we never picked up on it.

We saw Megan was wearing an engagement ring and asked about it. She is marrying her boyfriend of 20 years, Ben. Vicki hates Ben and won't allow him on the property. (Actually, Vicki hates just about everybody now). Megan said Vicki would be at their wedding next Nov. She doesn't know what to expect from her mom but she's not going to worry about it though she does expect a scene.

So - to make a short story long - that's what happened yesterday. Pretty much nothing and no promises were made and Scottie is still being walked in our own yard on a leash. But at least he's not eating anything he shouldn't. And the family knows we have had enough.

CHICKIE - So, if Doyal decides to do this surgery - and it sounds like he has - is he going for pre-op counseling, diet, etc? And where will this all be done? Joplin? Parsons? Perhaps Seattle???

JANA - how is the dress coming along? I made one similar once for Lara only no pantaloons. But I did make a white pinafore and embroidered a reindeer on it (it was a Christmas dress). Both of my girls wore it a lot. Is the bathroom ready to use yet??

TINA - Glad to see you here! You've worked so hard for your dad! You need a few days rest. I'm sure he's appreciative.

BECCA - how is Asa doing? And your friend? Didn't a truck just tear up your yard last year? Why is your son having furniture delivered to your house? Yes, my sister and I have had our moments over the years BUT IT WAS NEVER MY FAULT! LOL! We're better now though. And we love her hubby. And it will be so nice to have her support while our brother goes through this. Al's wife, Barb, is such an emotional mess and Al's surgery is all about her. So it will be nice to have Tina and Imitation Al here as we all try to deal with Barb. Families!!

IRISH - my feet got cold just reading your post of all the snow and chill at your house!! Brrr!! I have obscure relatives and also some friends who live in Rochester. In fact, NY and PA are riddled with my obscure relatives! I would be there, too, if Grandpa Austin hadn't up and moved here. How is Scout doing?

BECKY - I love carpets! I am always in my sox and love walking on my carpets! I grew up with bare floors and always wished for carpeting. Now I have it and am a happy rug-walker!

Supper. Guess I'll be needing to cook tonite. I took out a couple of chops. Not sure yet just how I'll cook them or what I'll put with them, but probably potatoes of some sort. Maybe scalloped. and salad.

Got ideas for your supper yet?

2/9/2018 6:31:17 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone, sunny & a nice day here for February.

Irish Oh my Those Winters.I am so happy just to see a sunny day.The Winters get to me.Do hope yours clears & you can hit the road again.Hope the grand dog is being nice for you.

Maryz Asa only had the one Episode.They didn’t know hat it was.Hes doing good.We’re Praying the test come back ok.
As to our DS he’s going thru the divorce.He gets in his house March 1.So our basement is the warehouse for now.Three more weeks.I could write a book on trucks at our house & all our adventures.One even went over the front bank & it’s a hi bank.This one almost did.It would have been a major disaster.So the story goes on.
Sharon the neighbor has had so much sickness just from a surgery.Im afraid that’s one time I would have found a lawyer.This will be the 7th surgery bec of infectious.Before it took 7 months for her to heal.Now it’s the same way again.Shes very upset.
Glad DS will be Support for you.
Do hope something comes of the meeting.

Jana That Little dress will be adorable.

Becky I only have one room of carpet now.All the rest hardwood.I love the hardwood & much easier to keep,clean.

Tina We think of you & Glad Dad is still hanging in.Thats a lot for all,of you to deal with now.Hugs to you.

Chickie If DH has the surgery I hope he does well.I think it has to be a life change for sure.Ive never known anyone that had it.

We are having sloppy joes.Hadnt had them in years.And I have roasted asparagus.DH his Hurley beans. Becca

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2/9/2018 7:22:05 AM
Good morning! We are 40 today and going for 20s tomorrow. I have Choc and Maggie duty until this evening, and I plan to walk over there at noon. I got no exercise yesterday. We had a nice trip and ate at the best Chinese buffet. I am repenting with fewer calories today!

MaryZ--so sorry your meeting was so-so. At least she listens. Maybe you will have planted the seeds for "something has gotta be done" and they will grow. Meanwhile... poor Scottie on his leash.

DH will be home from coffee in a few, so I'm going to call this short! Dinner tonight: steak, baked potato, asparagus, salads. I think my alternative to steak will be portabella mushrooms.

2/9/2018 8:35:33 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Mary - let's hope that Megan will listen and take your advice. It is terrible for you to have to live by all the doings, but even worst for Vicki, not realizing how much better she would be if the family did get the guardianship.

Becca - lots of prayers for little Asa. Hopefully the tests will show why.

Sarah has called twice already rhis morning. She was wanting us to go on a road trip to Yosemite next week. Seems as if a phenomonen that the park calls Firefall will happen and the kids want to see it. It is not the original one that I grew up with that was pushed off of Glacier Point, but one that happens in February that is a natural light something-a-ma-bob. Closet Sarah says she will get to the original Firefall. They are staying off Big Oak Flat Rd, the opposite side from Chriss.

Dinner is out tonight. This is the night all the kids are taking me out to cekebrate the anniversay of my birthday. I will be 24 again. It is also Sarah's bd and she will be 41. I stopped counting at 24, since she was born the same day, at almost the same minute. Off by just 3 minutes from being exactly the same. We are having Italian food tonight.

Sewing until then,
2/9/2018 9:05:00 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Hi y'all!
I am late, but I have been very busy today. Dancing tonight to very quick sandwich and chips to eat.
Working on Row by Row kit and have decided to make place mats. It will make three, but we will use them everyday and I just love the two I got from Secret Santa a few years back. I think from you, Mary.
I will share pictures later.
Glad your meeting went sorta good. I know this is a tough situation. Walking Scottie on leash is the only way to keep him safe. That's what we had to do when we lived at the house in the country, busy highway and only way to keep Willy safe.

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2/9/2018 2:03:13 PM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Hi ladies,
Boy, am I glad it's Friday!
I think we are having a broasted chicken from the deli tonight. It has been a week. Have a great weekend. Becky
2/9/2018 2:08:35 PM
gershwin64 Send a Message
Hi everyone :)
It's past my bedtime but thought I'd stop in and say hi.
We went to Cruces tonight and took Dad and we met Kevin and Maria and our baby Matthew at Apple Bee's, we were there a good 2 hours visiting, it was great! My little brother stopped by too :)
2/9/2018 9:30:50 PM
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