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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Feb 8
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

We are cool, breezy, and dry this morning. Yesterday was about 55*! I went out and pruned my roses. I have two regular roses (Mr. Lincoln and Peace), and two climbers, (Blaze and a pink tea variety). The pink climber was my mom's and I transplanted it to my yard. I believe it was a start from one my grandmother had and were the flowers for my mom's wedding bouquet back in 1934. I love the roses but hate taking care of them.

This morning we are meeting with Vicky's DD, Megan to 'discuss things'. Can't wait to hear what she's going to say.

LINDA - oh, you would shake your head over my poor roses. I bet yours are so pretty! I am a very negligent rose mom, though I do make a resolution every year to be better. I never am, but at least I'm diligent about the resolution. Somehow they survive! Your place sounds so pretty! And I can picture all the blossoms in the sunshine. Hope your orchid survives!

BECKY - thank you for the offer of your carpets to give me more practice. You are just so sweet! However I must decline because I MUST decline!! lol!

IRISH - Bill is so happy to be included in the cleaning/shoveling detail coming to your house via Linda's and Becky's! Now if I could just find him, we'd get this show on the road! lol! I've never heard of such a perk as Kathy got - fly anywhere as often as you like for a whole year. What a deal! I didn't see your goalie's tribute but I bet it's sad to see him go. I love players who do so much for the community and who are a good role model for all their young (and older!) fans.

CHICKIE - How was the seminar last night? How do Doyal and his friend feel now about that surgery? So yesterday, going to see Ava, was "free exercise" for you! I hope it wasn't bitter cold!

JANA - that little Bo Peep dress sounds adorable!! Gracie will look smashing in it! I hope you'll share some photos! Will you make it bigger and take some tucks in it for now so there is room to let it out? Such a beautiful creation as you are making really needs to be worn more than just the 6 months it will fit.

TINA - where are you, dearie?? I guess I'll have to come down there and check on you. . .

I was trying to decide between tacos and pork chops when I suddenly remembered we're doing Mexican Happy Hour tonite to say goodbye to one couple of our friends who are leaving on an extended RV trip - 2-3 months. It was delayed 3 months due to health issues and finally they have been released to go and can't wait to hit the road. I don't blame them. I'm itchy to get out in our trailer, too, even for a few days of winter camping. But between weather, appointments, family, Vicki, and guests, it isn't happening. Just to get our trailer out of our muddy back yard would be a feat in itself right now. So for now, here we stay. And no cooking - again! I've been skating by the kitchen a lot lately! >^+^<

What's the story in your kitchen for tonite?

2/8/2018 6:25:34 AM
Good morning!

We are going to 50 today as well! Of course, I can’t get in a good walk as we are going to Joplin for an appointment. I still have to take care of all the dogs on the way to and from and then tonight and all day tomorrow. I skipped yoga this morning—too stressful to get it in before we have to leave. Yoga is to REDUCE stress, not create it.

The seminar last night was excellent, and I feel much better about the whole thing. DH is determined to go through it, but they will put him through a whole bunch of pre-tests. If he’s following their diet, I may lose some weight following it. The surgeon was young, very personable, had spent his fellowship at Univ. Pennsylvania, and has done over 150 operations with only one that had a problem, and the patient said she did it by not following the prescribed diet routine in first 6 weeks, but he fixed it for her. He answered every question thoroughly, and I feel confident he knows his stuff.

It was about 26 with a wind chill of 20 when I got my “free” walk yesterday. BUT, the sun was shining brightly, and I could think it was much warmer. I love the sun!!!

Linda and Mary--I’ve never been able to grow roses. My aunt had the most beautiful tea rose climber in a deep red. It was glorious when it bloomed. She also had tons of other roses. I kept a pretty pink tea rose alive for 2 or 3 years one time when I was in Missouri. I think she had more patience and TLC for them. She spent her time in her garden, and I spend my time in my sewing room when I can.

Jana—I loved sewing for DD when she was little. I made almost all of her clothes-- from pre-birth through proms to her wedding. I loved toddler and elementary! I only made a few things for the DGKs, but I made them lots of quilts!!! I made DD a very similar dress in 1969—pantaloons with ribbons and ruffles and lace, the dress with a dropped waist and big fluffy sash that tied, and the cutest little ruffled hat—a big circle with lace and ribbons (a la Betsy Ross). She loved that hat and wore it even without the dress!

Irish--I think we all need a credit card like Kathy’s! We use our CC for everything. After the fire, we went on our card website and got a year’s records to use to figure our taxes. It was the most helpful thing we had. Hope your weather is improving. Ours is nice today, so-so tomorrow, and back to freezing crud on Saturday.

Tina—know you are so busy!!! Hugs!!!

Becca—hope all is good with you and your DH is enjoying his coffee!

I’m on a roll… we had dinner out last night. They wanted to go to Arby’s. I had a salad and drooled over their selections. The night before I had a salad at Burger King, and this afternoon we’ll do something on the way home—maybe Chinese. I’ve earned it!

Good luck with your meeting today, Mary! I’d like to be a fly on that wall!!! Have fun at the big send off, too!

Bon appétit!
2/8/2018 7:31:11 AM
Irishgram Send a Message
Good morning from another wintery, cold, miserable, SW. Pa...BUT, I am so thankful I don't work and can stay home if need be.....I guess being old does have some perks......

Mary, If you can find Bill, tell him, I'll give him a reprieve and we'll wait until this nasty weathers leaves, unless he likes shoveling snow...Right now, I can't even find the garden..The deal Kathy got was through, I believe, Southwest Airline and she had to amass so many points through out the year so they used it for everything including converting the wood burning fireplace in the living room to gas...
Talked to my sister and her DH had his appointment and the doc really doesn't know what his problem is but they're not ruling out Parkinson, pending more tests...But, they have taken his driving away and he's really upset....And you know, we are all on pins and needles, waiting to hear what Vickie has to tell you....Hopefully, a good outcome......

Becca, have been thinking about you and little ASA....Sure hope and pray everything is OK...Also hope you're safe and warm....

Chickie, Also hope you're warm while you're out doing your feedings...Hope you're able to make it to your sewing room, but with all you do, I'm surprised you even have time to think about it....

Jana, I'm with Mary, that dress will be really special and hopefully, you will give us a peek....Not too long ago, I went through my "old" patterns and got rid of them..I figured, I wouldn't be making clothes any more....

Not sure if I'll be able to get to see Jim today...Right now, it's snowing again and bitter cold...I have a feeling I can find something to do if I stay home...Of course I can always play with Scout...Terry texted and they made it as far as Rochester last night and back on the road again this morning....As far as dinner, not sure what but maybe something in the oven even if it's just a frozen pizza...

You all have a good day, stay warm, stay safe.....

Happy eating...............

2/8/2018 7:53:09 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,beautiful sunny day here low 40s now.The sun really affects me & I love it just like CHICKIE.

Oh Yesterday was a zinger.Early a Delivery truck bringing DSs Furniture come .When I saw the size I knew trouble ahead It was well over 40 ft .Turning around in the Mts creats problems.When they left our bank was damaged & our yard on one side was destroyed as it was pouring rain.And the ground is wet.To make a long story short.We Have a mess.DS come & tried to work on it but too wet,needs drying.The company told us to send them the bill.
Never a dull moment here.
Then I go to Dr & spent 21/2 hrs in the office.Thank goodness he released me unless problem arises.

But today is a brighter Better day.We gotour billfrom H& A & almost fainted.They only charged us for one trip.No charges for parts.And they made 3 trips here.We are so grateful.

Maryz I sure hope you get results today about Vicky.I think you have gone way beyond what is expected.And have been overly gracious.Hard to believe DS will be there a month.Hope you are compatible.
Maryz Asa only had a fever when he had that virus.That was quite a while ago..I’m praying there’s no damage.

Irish Your Weather sounds like you are having overtime on Winter.Sure hope you get a break soon and can get out to visit Jim.We are doing our best with the Winter weather.We are Hoping for some spring like temps.Sigh!
Enjoy your Grand dog.

Chickie I sure hope if DH has that surgery he does well.Thats a big commitment.But he has a great nurse.With all your duties You are pretty amazing.But we all love you & your many talents.

Jana When you were describing your little outfit.I thought of my DDs & the DG had one like that pink & white.It was adorable.Sure yours will be.

Becky Hope all your family big & small are doing well.Those tennis keep Everyone busy.

We have leftover spaghetti today Will add salad & bread. Becca

This post has been edited.
2/8/2018 8:24:20 AM
gershwin64 Send a Message
Good morning :o)
Sorry I've been so busy that I couldn't stop by, I've been over at Dad's washing what-knots and putting them back away, the carpets, the moving furniture and whatever else I could do, plus trying to watch the boys and keep my house going. I think Dad is tired of figuring out where to put things and I need a break and the boys are sick so I'm staying home for a few days.
I made pot roast in the crockpot yesterday and coconut cream pie and took it over and went through a couple more boxes and we ate there and then I brought everything back home.
Tonight I want something simple and easy.....not sure yet.
Becca, I hope your yard gets fixed.
Mary, my roses struggle too, Dad's thrive.
Irish, I hope your weather warms up for you and you get to visit Jim.
Chickie, I hope the surgery is a success and he's happy with it.
Well I'm needed. Talk to you later.
2/8/2018 9:52:57 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Hi all,
Can't say as I blame you for declining Miss Mary. I have been doing that way too long, and it shows. Actually, should have Chickie up here to work on my floors, but she would probably hate the carpets. I know that I do. And Irish, something tell me that we would all be worn out by the time we got to your house. And mine would probably put everyone over the edge!
We sat through one of those seminars, Miriam. DH finally decided not to do it. I think he should, but what do I know.....
Dinner tonight, well, we still have show week going on, so maybe just some of that fast style spaghetti and garlic bread, and salad......
2/8/2018 2:27:17 PM
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