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SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Feb 7th
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

Yesterday was only semi-busy. A great day! Bill got a load of crushed rock for the driveway and shoveled the morning away. I sewed a few lone blocks for my table runner - that now I don't like - and after lunch we put our furniture back after carpet cleaning. After that we sort of both sat down about 3pm and never moved until bedtime! It felt so good! Today will be chiropractor, a few short errands, and then back to the sewing room to deal with my tablerunner. I have a big, intricate bargello I want to make for DGS but if I can't dispatch a simple tablerunner more easily than this, I'm wondering if I should even start it right now. Because of all the activity around here lately, I've been off sewing for about 3 weeks except for a few lotto blocks. I need to get my groove back.

IRISH - the national news is always reporting bad weather for you! Hope you got everything accomplished so you can hunker down with Scout and the Kitties. I bet they are all having a good time together. Yes?

BECCA - a 97-cent coffeemaker? Such a deal! Bill loves getting 'free' stuff with points he racks up from using different credit cards. So he uses the cards to pay for everything - even utilities. So good to hear your DGC are learning to sew at an early age! Neither of my girls are interested, though my DDIL loves quilting. Her dad taught her to sew and I gave her a single quilting lesson!

BECKY - brrr!! Baby, it's cold outside! Chili and soup sound like just the thing!

I did make my chicken pot pie last night. How one chicken breast, a cup o rice, and a few veggies can make a 10-inch pie, I have no idea but we only ate a quarter of it last night. I loved it. Bill thought it had a funny taste - some different herb, he said. But all I added was thyme, oregano, and cayenne. Not even S&P. I told him it was probably the leftover grilled onions that HE made and I added to the pie. So leftover chicken pot pie is my plan, but I'm not sure how excited Bill's going to be about it. Not every swing is a home run.

What's the plan at your house?

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2/7/2018 6:22:26 AM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
Lovely spring days here, gets up to the low 70's everyday for a few minutes. My daffodils are in bloom, the roses have lots of new growth and DH has planted his tomatoes seeds already and is nursing them along in the sun room. Valley is turning white with plum and pink with early nectarines. And the Tulip trees blooms are about to open. They are the first ornamental trees to bloom in Spring. Goodbye winter.

Did some house cleaning yesterday, floors mostly. It will be my turn to host the TLQ group in 2 weeks, so it may be time to repolish them. Also what little rain we got dirtied up all the windows. It takes company coming to get this house clean!! Repotted a "failure to thrive" orchid (passed on to me by my SIL) and found it's root system rotting. It has been having problems with fungus gnats too. So I stuck the base into H2O2 and sterilized its pot. Back in with new bark and moss so we shall see if it will do better now.

Still working on the donation quilt I started at the retreat. It is easy to do and I can make one block each evening. It needs 20 blocks and I have 10 done now. The complicated one for my God daughter is on hold for a bit, trying to find an easier method for one of its blocks. But I have a year and a 1/2 to complete it. Just purchased 2 cute holiday table runners to make for a SIL, one with red hearts and one with bunnies and Easter eggs.

Tonight DH is cooking Salsbury steak, yellow squash and couscous. We threw away the strawberry cake cookies DH had me make, too sweet, and I made oatmeal/raisin cookies. Much better.

Hope you all get to touch fabric today, hug your family, and prayers for all those in need. I'm off to get my hairs cut.


2/7/2018 9:02:14 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Good afternoon ladies,
Our snow did not materialize, although, the gravel is still slick, but the little darlin's did have school today. Brytt was getting anxious, it is show week, and they missed out on Monday night practice, early Tuesday and Tuesday evening practice. She is a little nervous thing anyway. So, tonight since she has to go back, I will pick her up a sub sandwich, and just may run back by and get the others one too. Ericka has to work, so she won't be eating at home.
Easy peasy for me!
Mary, if you all still need to practice the carpet cleaning, mine could sure use it! And Linda can come help, cuz she apparently knows how to do windows!
Have a great evening. Becky
2/7/2018 10:14:12 AM
Irishgram Send a Message
Good afternoon from "What the heck do you call this", SW. Pa...We have had rain, we've had sleet, we've had ice and then snow thrown into the mix...Right now, everything is covered with ice, lines are down and it's just a terrible mess and not getting any better, at least today......

Mary, my heavens, for not having much planned for yesterday, you really did get a lot done...For me, I think 3:00 would have come a lot earlier, lol...I had to laugh when you asked if Scout and the fur babies were going to have a good time...I would hate to think what might happen if they all got together...Years ago, when Scout was just a puppy, he did meet one of our cats and ended up with a huge scratch on his nose but I have a feeling he's either forgotten or has decided to get even...This is one of the reasons Terry had to hook up a line so I don't have to try to walk him...If he spotted a cat or rabbit, I'd be dragged into the next county...But, we will hunker down and hopefully, we'll all get along, on separate floors...Scout is now about 14 and really doesn't care to do too much so entertaining is a breeze...
I love to hear about getting good bargains especially with credit card rewards...I use our card for almost everything and then get gift cards for everyone for birthdays and Christmas...Kathy just used her points to get free air fare for herself and a companion for the whole year, no matter where they fly in the states or how many times..They have been taking lots of weekend jaunts and will fly this way this summer....

Becca, 97 cent coffeemaker, love it! And you know the coffee is going to taste so good....Are you getting this nasty weather down your way? I just think, thank goodness I don't have to go to work...But, no visiting today, we'll see what tomorrow holds.....
Stay warm.....

Becky, I have a good idea...Mary and Bill can pick up Linda, stop at your house and then you all can come east and take care of my house...We'll have a cleaning party...And since Bill is good at shoveling, I have a garden that needs dug up....Oh my the fun we'll have!

Oh well, back to reality...Besides worrying about the weather affecting everyone, I'd better get something accomplished, more than getting Scout's domain ready.....

Not sure if any of you are hockey fans but was wondering if any saw the tribute for our former Penguin goalie, Fluery, during the Penguin game last night....This young fellow is so loved and will always be a Penguin in our hearts even though he now plays for Las Vegas...He and his family had done so much for Pittsbugh and it was quite a tribute for our guy....Very moving....

And on to dinner, with this type of weather, soup has to be on the menu....Not sure what kind but I still have a can of my favorite vegetarian on the shelf.....

You all have a great day.....

Happy eating.................
2/7/2018 11:18:01 AM
Good afternoon! I’m late, but better than yesterday… I don’t think I made it here at all. When DH gets home early, I get pulled away from my friends to make brunch. Since I’m doing yoga in the mornings, now, it cuts into my friends time as well.

Yesterday was a blur of dogs, calves, DH, and a run to town. We didn’t get the nasty weather that was forecast and cancelled our meeting. I’m not complaining. We took some of the sugar cookies (plain and frosted) to Mom and my sister and BIL. They were at Mom’s when we arrived, so we stayed for a short visit. My sister was cutting 2.5” squares for Mom to sew together for placemats. I need to go look in my stash for backings (fat quarters) for them. DH got hungry while we were out, so we stopped and he had burgers to my salad.

The Hooligans and I walked to Ava’s earlier, and when I arrived, I realized I’d forgotten Ava is at the doggy beauty salon all day.

Irish—we had some of that weather last week. So very unpleasant!!! I had to take care of dogs in it. You sounds as busy with cats and dogs as I am with dogs and calves! I open cans of soup for myself many times rather than cook two meals. I love soup! I eat soup for breakfast! (Yes, I know I’m crazy!) What a sweet tribute to your hockey player! I like watching hockey, but I haven’t seen any in ages.

Linda—good luck with the orchid! I’ve never grown them although one of my sisters has. Your dinner sounds delicious! Hope to see your runners and quilt! Today makes me think of spring although we are barely above freezing—the sun is shining!

Becky—so glad you barely got the yucky weather! I saw the wrecks by Rolla on TV… so dangerous when it ices!

Mary—I’ll come for chicken pot pie! I love spices and herbs! I haven’t been in my sewing room since I finished the Christmas 2017. That was a week ago. I’m feeling withdrawal.

Becca—I need to look at our credit card and redeem my points. Usually I just transfer them to cash. How neat that your GKs sew!!! I’ve taught mine, but she moved on from it to mainly art. Hopefully she will remember when she needs it some day. I need to make an eye exam appointment and also a mammo appointment. ‘Tis the season…

We are eating out tonight. We’ll be with friends at a seminar on bariatric surgery. DH is very interested, and his friend is going because his wife wants him to go. They may both be over the age limit for the surgery.

I think I have a few minutes to go into my sewing room. I couldn’t believe it was only 2:30. I feel like I’ve been running much longer.

Have a great rest of the day!

Bon appétit!
2/7/2018 12:37:47 PM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good afternoon!

Late to the table - again! Read early this morning and got roped into making a pair of curtains for the office at the farm for Sarah. We made a run to one of the other fabric stores here on this side of the valley to get the ring tape and fabric for a dress for Gracie's BD.

This little dress is from a pattern that I bought in 1982! I made this dress for a niece that many years ago and saved the pattern for future use. It is now that! LOL! The dress has a pinafore, dress, and pantaloons. Reminds me of little Bo Peep. Yards and yards of eyelet lace. Close to 25 yards! Even has the ruffles on the sleeve heads - they used to call them angel wings. It is really adorable and will look wonderful on Gracie. So there is lace on the pinafore, the dress and on the pantaloons. Gracie was over last night and I asked her what color for her dress - showed her several choices and she picked pink. So it is pink, with white for the pinafore and pantaloons. Oh, for got, there is a pink ribbon to tie around the waist and beaded ribbon eyelet that will have pink ribbon in that. I have my work cut out, as her birthday is the 17th of February.

Dinner - depends on how far I get on the dress - it is cut out, so dinner will be simple - I have the fixins for my tortelini broccoli one pot meal.

Well, better get going and sew!

2/7/2018 3:09:40 PM
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