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SUPPER CLUB - Monday, Feb 5th
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning,

We're going to have a week of low 50's and less rain. Yay, February!!

What a great game that was yesterday! Some great trick plays on both sides. We were rooting for the Eagles, thought they played a bit better game and deserved the big win. The commercials were a bust in my opinion. Got the laundry done during the game, too, since the Maytags are right there, handy to the TV.

I started a tablerunner for our new buffet downstairs. I got one whole block done before the game. And except for breakfast out with my DD and family, we did nothing else all day long. We did learn my SIL, Lee, is having hernia surgery on Feb 21. Why not! Everyone else in my family is having operations! My sister is having her emergency mammo today so we're pretty anxious to hear if she's having surgery, too.

Remember how we were planning to shampoo downstairs carpets last Monday, and I suggested to Bill we put it off a week since a big muddy dog was coming to visit? He was immediately on board with that procrastination plan. Well, next week is now this week and he is acting like he's never heard about this before! Sigh.

VELDA - congrats on finishing the quilt! What's next?

BECCA - well, who wouldn't love being a princess for a day!!?? Our afore-mentioned DSIL will turn 50 in September and he's going to Disneyland to celebrate! But I think he'll skip the princess thing. ;o)

IRISH - well, your Eagles did it! congrats! And what an entertaining game it was, too! I, too, am glad you are able to visit Jim as much as you can.

JANA - Your soup in bread bowls sounds delish!! My invitation to supper must have gotten lost in the mail. Darn mail!

BECKY - funny about the meatloaf/f--h thing! Kids say the darndest things! how neat that your BFF will be working close to you. My BFF lives 90 miles away and I only get to see her maybe once every 3 years.

we are up for new food tonight and Bill has requested chicken. I was thinking of doing it in the oven, but he's still got the BBQ all set up from last Friday and the weather is supposed to be good (for February, anyway), so maybe we'll grill instead. The chicken is pre-seasoned from Costco. I'll make some rice and saute'd mixed veggies, too, I think. Plus salad.

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2/5/2018 7:06:06 AM
Good morning! We were 5 degrees last night when I went to walk the dogs. We had dropping temps all day yesterday (from 38) and even blowing, BLOWING snow starting at noon and all afternoon. There wasn’t much accumulation, and fortunately we didn’t get the ice they got east of us.

Becky—how are you doing???

We should warm today, then another wave of possible snow/ice tomorrow. I’m sick and tired of it!!!

Here’s my man story for the day: Yesterday my neighbor across the road texted and asked if I could help her with a quilt block that wasn’t going together. I told her I was getting ready to get out to walk the dogs and would stop by on my way back. Worked for her. I told DH what I was doing, and we even discussed it. Discussed: several sentences. While I was out, the snow started… Pretty soon, my phone rang while I was helping Debby figure out her block. “Are you o.k.? I thought you’d be back before now.” “yes, dear, I’m fine. I’m at Debby’s. Remember, I was stopping here on the way back?” “Oh. Yeah.” I know he doesn’t pay any attention to what we talk about. I swear—too funny!!! I just hope it’s only his inattention and not something else…

I got to watch the game from late in the second quarter to the end. Oh, boy!!! It was really exciting and not a rout! I even made Philly cheesesteak sandwiches for dinner to help out the cause! It must have helped, as they pulled out the win. The half-time show was a non event, as they usually are. The commercials were pretty blah, too. I loved the “Time of our Life” dance and watched it twice and laughed so hard. I got DH even watching it. He even watched some of the game from the side of his magazines or book. He couldn’t let me know he was actually interested!!! Normally we have NO sports on that TV! He’s so funny.

Saturday I ran all day and didn’t get here. DH’s phone blew up, and I took it to the phone store and got a new one in between all my other runs. They set it up while I was having lunch with Mom and I picked it up and headed to the LQS 25 miles away. They were having their 7th birthday sale, and I got a 25% discount and made THE MOST of it! Then it was 30 miles home to walk dogs and assist DH with his new phone. This one is an LG and not my hand-me-down. (I usually pass mine on to him and get myself the new one, but this time I let him have the new one and kept my Samsung.) You know, real men don’t read instructions, they whine and nag and ask wife to do the ‘splaining. Sigh! I really wasn’t in the mood, but I figured out most of it for him. I guess he sensed my stress, as we went up to the corner for dinner and I didn’t have to cook.

I posted in the sew in about my dog yoga. I have seen goat yoga, but this morning I decided I need to take some time for ME and relieve some stress so I got out my yoga mat and found a program on TV to tape. I have to say I felt so much better taking time for me and going through the stretches. But… Boomer spent the whole series with me, on me, under me, around me. He was so funny. Tinker Bell was right there with us—licking faces, pawing and “spotting” our poses, and generally cheering us on. Odie was the audience… aloof from his perch on the sofa.

Mary—I guess if you read the above, you know I can relate to Bill’s having no idea what the plan was on the carpet shampooing… I hope that you get through this year with all YOUR parts intact! Too much surgeries in your family! Best wishes to all of them!

Dinner tonight… lots of leftovers. I bought lots of veggies at the store Saturday, so I know what’s on my menus…

Sorry I ran on so long about me and times here. It’s been a busy couple of days! Forgive me for the ME post!

Bon appétit!
2/5/2018 7:57:03 AM
Irishgram Send a Message
Good afternoon from a very sunny but very cold, SW. Pa...Thank goodness Mr. Sun decided to join us today.....

Oh Mary, I've been thinking of your DS and now SIL gets in on the act...I'm beginning to think you must be related to my sister and what she always says about Murphy's Law...As Chickie said, let's hope you keep all your parts and don't get any "stitch lines", except on those quilts....Will be keeping your family in my special prayers...
Hey, those "birds" really did it, didn't they? Besides loving eagles, I think I had to be for these Eagles because they wear green a very pretty shade of green....Years ago, when I had no idea what football was, I'd pick the team by the color of their uniforms...So glad I've learned a little more about the game because, sorry Mary, I don't care for the SeaHawks uniforms, lol.....
And, I'm also so lucky to be able to visit Jim and wish I could do more...When you see how many people have no visitors, it really makes you sad....

Chickie, don't ever think you're posting too much "I", this I loves to read all of it...Isn't if funny how most hubbies have that selective hearing...Well, just ask Mary, lol.. But I also think it's a woman's trait to be able to be carrying on a conversation while watching TV and still know what the kids are doing upstairs..Even my kids used to wonder about that, lol....Love your "dog yoga" story, expecially with all the doggy kisses....

Jana, As Mary said, those soup bowls sounded so good..AND along with Mary, my invitation must have gone elsewhere and you'd think I'd really have an in with the PO since Kathy runs the postal service, lol...

My visit yesterday was really special...A couple of the girls were sitting at the table doing paper work and Jim was "helping"..When I walked in, he got the biggest smile and then wouldn't let go of me, (always makes me cry)..They all said, he's doing so much better in this new chair and maybe understands that he's not able to walk by himself....I had taken him a Frosty and he ate/drank the whole thing...Our roads are terrible (icy)even with the sun, so no visit this afternoon...I'm going to dig out a bunch of old pictures and take then in for him to look at....

As for dinner, this must be chicken day...I'm cooking a couple breasts and might make a pot pie...It's kind of funny, when I cook chicken, I have 2 cats patiently sitting in the kitchen...Hopefully, they'll let me have some for my potpie...

You all have a great day........

Happy eating................

2/5/2018 11:13:22 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,late here after a day in town.
We got his protime BWork done too so he won’t have to go back on Thursday.Dr visit,Drug Store Run & we ate out for lunch.I had broccoli soup & chicken salad sandwich.DH Had His BBQ & Chocolate pie.

We both were tired when we got home.Took a nap which is very unusual for me.

Chickie Your yoga sounds hilarious but fun.And your DH sounds like mine calling.He worries if I stay too long.Im Sure he’s afraid something may happen to me & he’s stranded here.But he can always call our neighbors.They are so helpful.

Irish Its Great you got to visit Jim & better yet to get such a warm Welcome.Sure hope that ice clears & you can be out & about again.

Maryz Sure hope DS gets a good report.And like the others I hope you can keep all your parts this year.And that DB does well with his extensive surgery.Sorry to hear Bills is slipping away.Cancer is a Horrible disease.My DBs spread like wildfire & he was gone in 3 months .On a brighter note I hope you get results from Vickys Children.

Will be light here tonite.May be a bowl of cereal or salad for me. DH even brought home a piece Of pie. He loves sweets.I don’t bake much bec of him eating too much. Becca
2/5/2018 1:45:35 PM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
Really, really late entry today. The last 3 days have been quilting, quilting, quilting.

Friday morning went to a local quilt show in Fresno. It was OK. I have to say the show my guild put on last September was better! DH shopped Home Depot, then picked me up. When I got home I packed up and went to the Mennonite Quilt Center in town for a birthday retreat and sat among bolts and bolts of fabric to sew until 9:00 at night. Sally, who was the birthday girl and hosting the retreat, served us dinner too. Went home to shower and sleep, then was back at 10:00 Saturday morning to sew again. This time she served us lunch and dinner. We were there until 10:00 at night! I have always dreamed of sewing all day with friends among fabric and now my dream has been fulfilled! However, hunched over a machine this long made my upper back ache and my head ache and my eyes dry and scratchy. So Sunday I could not do any sewing, I had had enough...never thought I would say that! Then today was my afternoon TLQ with my little group of sewing friends. I did hand sewing in a comfortable chair this time.

Not much else done for the past 3 days. Sounds like you all have been busy, busy though. MaryZ - your family is in my prayers with all their health problems right now. I am at that age that health and loss are beginning in my circle now too. My two best friends, (both named Linda!) have lost their brothers last week to prostate cancer. And now one of my sewing group has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. These are the days of our lives now.

Well, have to scoot and get some things done. Too much playing so I have to play catch up. Take care this week and blessings to you all.

2/5/2018 6:45:48 PM
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