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SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, Feb 3rd
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

We had a great BBQ last night except for one couple who wrote the date down wrong and thought it was tonite instead. We texted both of them when they were about 1-1/2 hrs late and neither one answered their phones until the evening had broken up and the others had gone home. So they INSISTED we meet them for breakfast this morning with Bob & Betsy. So we're off in a few minutes for yet another meal!

This afternoon is a surprise birthday party for Bill's brother (lasagna!), and another breakfast tomorrow morning for my DD1, Lara. It's her birthday today, too. Both of these birthdays are 30 miles north of us. On Feb 19th my DS and DBIL should be arriving for about a month. All I can say is I'm gonna need bigger jeans!

JANA - if you get a quilt on your LA, near the construction zone, do you cover the quilt when they are working down there? I have several sheets from Goodwill that I cover projects with and also the frame and machine itself when not in use. I have a lot of shredded zucchini in the freezer. This might be an excellent use for some of it - pancakes! We would probably go with butter and S&P.

BECCA - what terrific projects to keep your hand in quilting! Though, with your family, I expect new little ones will be along soon! Probably triplets! lol! Oh, those little beetles! Our fifth-wheel got infested with them once while we were living in it in SE Washington, working in a winery over there during crush seasons, 2005 and 2006. I found petrified beetles for years after that! Probably the people who bought it are still seeing them!

BECKY - I'd rather have noodles than hamburgers any day of the week! (as long as you don't put any - shudder - tuna in them!

CHICKIE - yes - I saw. Shame on you! But you are forgiven for breaking the rules because you are you. Good idea for the zucchini/tacos! And you are really rockin' those invitations! I hope you don't have arthritis in your hands!

IRISH - I hope Jim's new WC works better for him. He really manages to get himself into all kinds of trouble, doesn't he! I pray your son finds a happy path for himself eventually. I've been in his position too many times for one lifetime and I know how rough it is. But I also know there is so much living left to be done and I don't want him to miss out on the rest of his life! Wish you had been here last night. I'd probably have put you to work in the kitchen!

So - supper tonite. There is one hamburger left over, big enough too split, and some potato salad and a lot of fresh veggies. Though there will be lasagna at Bill's brother's party this afternoon so I doubt we'll be looking for more food when we get home from that. So I think I have two nights planned here with NO COOKING!!

I hope you all have wonderful suppers with no cooking, too!
2/3/2018 7:36:40 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Mary - out to eat twice! Yes, I do cover my LA. I bought a large cotton painter's tarp that fits over the LA. I had to do that awhile ago as my cat Perry thought that the quilt on the frame was his personal hammock. I also saved a couple of large pieces of cardboard that I put on there too. It helped to discourage him from getting on it.

Dinner - not planned yet, but I am making my spinach ravoli filling -a huge batch and will freeze it for later use - in ravolis, lasagna, etc. So I may may up a batch of ravolis.

2/3/2018 8:33:38 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,clouds have moved in.I think they are calling for precipitation tonite snow or ice.We were in teens last nite.

Maryz Sounds like you won’t go hungry.Lots of Birthdays too.We have only 3 this month.My Dads was the 8 th & My DB I Lost at Christmas was the 18th .Easy to remember.My Dad would be 106.
Oh Maryz no triplets please.

Chickie All That writing is hard on the hand especially when you try to do it so neat.Hope it doesn’t hurt them.Know they will be beautiful.Enjoy your running day & hope you get a huge discount.

Irish Glad Jim got a new WC .Hope it works for him.They can be tricky.We Have Moms Old one just in case.CA uses his scooter more.
Glad the babies are getting ready to leave the nest.Ive watched that on TV & Loved it.
Hope you get to see the robotics competition.

Becky Happy wkend to you.

Tina Hope you are getting some much needed rest.

It’s pizza day here.I stripped both beds .And dressed the beds.And hope to watch a game.It is good to quilt again if only my back was more cooperative.The joys of getting old.Have a great day.

2/3/2018 8:36:13 AM
Irishgram Send a Message
Good afternoon from a very cold, overcast, wintery SW. Pa...Darn that groundhog!

Mary, you have no idea how much I wish I could have been in your kitchen, last night...( anyone's kitchen except mine, lol)....Only having 2 inside cats and myself, I don't know how I get such a mess...Of course the cats like different foods and of course we can't use the same dish, right???Thus, a sink full of cat dishes and my tea mug! Next group of cats are going to know how to clean up the sink....
Sorry to hear a couple of your guests didn't make it but breakfast is really a bonus....Our Sunday breakfast and visits with friends are something I really, really miss...I've gone a couple of times but just not the same without Jim.....
I agree about too much living to do but our son, who's wife passed so young, will never get over her leaving...They have 4 kids and now 3 grandsons and he does spend a lot of time with them...But, you can tell, even after 12 years, there is still a lot of bitterness...He's also very bull headed and would never agree to go to counseling, so we just pray a lot....Laughed at you saying you might need bigger jeans....I just go with the elastic waste and hope for the best....

Becca, Guess we can say, winter isn't done with us yet! But, I keep thinking, won't be long and then when I see those flower seeds in the store, makes me feel so good....I also stripped and dressed my bed and have the washer doing it's thing...I've noticed I have a lot more laundry to do even with Jim being away...If he were home, he'd wear the same pair of jeans 2 days in a row but at the home, he is changed, completely, every day...Oh well, what else do I have to do, right, lol....Also had a chuckle just thinking about the scooter...I have a hard time "driving" these new chairs, I've forever running into walls...Even a couple of the residents were teasing me about my pushing skills as they sped past with their walkers.....

Not sure what the rest of the day might hold...I've been planning my visits with the weather forecasts so it's either today or tomorrow...
As far as dinner, I'm sure there's something hiding in the fridge.....

You all have a great day.........

Happy eating..............
2/3/2018 11:31:09 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Good evening ladies,
Mary, sounds like a busy weekend for you. And a lot of not cooking! Gotta love that. I wouldn''''t put that stuff in noodles either, although, I have to make it maybe once s year. I take mine out before the unmentionable in. Not really a fan.
Chickie, bet your invitations are just so pretty. I am lucky to scrawl an address on an envelope.
Becca, laundry day here at my house too. Got most of my vacumning done, but still need to finish up a load or two. Was going to wash my rugs, but no point in that if I don''''t mop my floors. That is my story anyway. And after the laundry is done, no one is supposed to bother me until suppertime tomorrow. We will see how that works for me....ROFLOL
Tonight, I have some veggie soup simmering. Will go pop in a pan of biscuits in a few, and I stuck a chocolate cake in this afternoon. I think there is still ice cream, and after loading the dishwasher tonight, I am done. I hope.
Have a great rest of the day. Becky
2/3/2018 3:48:10 PM
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