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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Feb 2nd
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning and HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!! I sure hope he has some good news for us today!

Our friends arrived about 1pm yesterday. After a short rest Betsy and I hit the LQS and LYS. She loves yarn as much as she loves fabric. And the shops are next to each other! Then we picked up our 'dates' and off to Costco we went for a few things. They live 100 miles from any Costco so they stock up when they can. Then last night another couple joined us and we went out for Italian supper.

I also picked up my Bernie, "Stitch", at the Bernie Spa and when we got home - no power cord! So we need to make another trip back to Tacoma to get it. Sigh - 30 miles and $5 toll. Oh well. Such is life.

I have eggs and potatoes on the stove to make potato salad for our BBQ tonite. Betsy brought burgers/buns. Others are bringing beans, pasta salad, appetizers, and an unknown dessert Arrivals start at 3pm and there will be plenty to share with all of you, too! I'd like to think you'd be in good company - 3 of us are quilters!

CHICKIE - congrats on finishing the last gift! That will be one huge check-mark on your to-do list! Are you going to make one for yourself now? I have to make a runner for Bill's new buffet thing in our downstairs family room. It's on my list. I hope you don't get any bottle babies this spring, but it's nice to know if their are any "shakey puddin's" born you are there for them. I'm glad to hear that Doyal goes with you on the midnight runs! And sorry, but my Mrs. Clean get-up-and-go has done got-up-and-went! I won't be 'hiring out' any time soon!

BECCA - Oooh, what's the baby quilt like? And do you have more babies in the offing or are you making a 'back-up' quilt?

JANA - your Harry Potter Bathroom is coming along! (You remember that before he went off to Hogworts he lived under the stairs at his aunt/uncle's house, right?) Is there anything your Sarah can't do??

IRISH - I'm so happy that the fidget quilt is getting such good use. Tina and I donated a bit of fabric and Bill offered up one of his shirts, but otherwise, the idea, skill, and assembly was all CHICKIE'S artistry. I'm sorry to hear about your DBIL. One test they use to diagnose Parkinsons is to have the patient write a line of words. The penmanship tends to get smaller and tighter and more illegible by the end of the line. It's by no means definitive, but merely one of the diagnostic tools they used on our Jim. So good to hear an update on "Our" little eaglets. They grow up so fast, don't they!

Well, you've already gotten our menu for tonite. I also have a raw veggie platter with homemade dip ready to go and will make up a cheese & cracker tray, too. It will be fun to see everyone. And with so many hands making all the food, the workload will be light and I can join in the visiting.

It' Friday night! What are YOU doing for supper?
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2/2/2018 6:02:22 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Mary - on my way! Love BBQ! I am still trying to figure out what Sarah can't do. If there is, she would go and learn how to do it. As for my bathroom, I have never read any of the Harry Potter series - not my thing.

Dinner - something to go with zucchini pancakes - I saw a recipe and remembered that I use to make them, served with gravy.

Hopefully will get a quilt on my LA. Construction zone is near my LA and I need to stay out of the way of progress.

2/2/2018 9:01:09 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone.Beautiful cold sunny day here.But Mr Groundhog definitely saw his shadow.

Maryz Enjoy your party guests.My Baby quilt is one I had made ahead.No babies here that we know of.The pattern is one I saw on Pinterest.It has a cream solid center.Then Little 2 in squares around the block.I used a blue border & white one.I thought it would be cute for a boy.It May go to Church .Wel’ll see.

Jana I have a DGD like Sarah that can do most anything .Used to work with her Dad Doing all kinds of building.Great cook Baker & Mommy Too.

I washed my windows inside today.We Have those pesky little Beatles that mess up the windows.Some call them lady bugs but they are Japanese beattles.

We have some bacon DH needs to use.And I have broccoli & cauliflower I need to use.I may just make soup & use up all my veggies that need to be eat.Sounds good on a cold day. Becca
2/2/2018 9:43:39 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Hi ladies,
Just a fly by for me, we are having grilled chicken, some sort of noodles and salad, veggie.....Mary, yours sounds much, much better....Have a great weekend. Becky
2/2/2018 10:49:45 AM
Irishgram Send a Message
Good afternoon from a very snowy, very cold, SW. Pa...Personally, I really do wish that darn groundhog would move far away...I think he's just lucky someone hasn't taken a shot at him....

Mary, I can hear the excitement in your post...What fun you all have been having with more to come....And what a spread, good food and super good company, as Chriss would say, "it's good to be you"....I will tell my sister about that writing test...He just saw his regular doc yesterday and was told, absolutely no driving which upset him very much...Here's a guy who meets up with his cronies every morning for breakfast so my sister said, she'd drive him and they can bring him home...They do have an appointment with the "real" doc next week so we'll see what he advises...
Jim was really "in to" the quilt yesterday while I was there...In fact, when I was going to fold it up, he wouldn't give it up..Each time he holds it, he seems to find something "new"...And speaking of new, they got him a new wheelchair...He managed to flip over in the one he had so try something different...When the phone rings and their number comes up, my heart skips a beat, so to speak....

Jana, What a gem you have in Sarah...It seems every family has 1 who is willing and able to do most things and then you'll have another who is just the opposite, lol...Our oldest DS's wife was pretty much a doer...When they were dating, if he was working on the motor of his car, she was right there getting grease under her nails..A very, very sad day when she passed, something he'll never get over....
And, I'd like to know the robotic's team name so I can root them on...I sure do miss seeing those matches.....

Becca, you had us thinking you were getting another new baby..But, good for you, keeping yourself busy like that...Me, I need to get with it again...So many plans but so far nothing in the works, lol...

Just talked to my DDIL...They had their English Bulldog spayed and Grammy needed an update...Cindy calls her "Devil Dog" and is hoping this will calm her down...

As for my dinner, was hoping to be able to get to Mary's but with this snow, guess I'd better stay home...So, probably something real simple, maybe poached eggs and toast.....

You all have a great day......

Stay warm and please stay safe.....

Happy eating..............
2/2/2018 11:57:10 AM
Good afternoon! I’m late. Started in Sew In earlier then got side tracked for brunch, and well, you know… We had a rough night last night… or I did. The dog from a mile away came around 6 p.m. and didn’t leave until 3 this morning! My hooligans keep a constant ruckus of in and out, barking and carrying on the entire time he is here! NO sleep for me!!! DH did fall asleep and got a good rest, but I tried everything except getting up and hunting a sleeping pill. I’m groggy, slightly nauseated, and just feeling general malaise.

I went to my sewing room and really tried to clean and organize, but I felt so bad I hit the recliner and had loads of company. It didn’t last long, and I couldn’t get to sleep—too many interruptions… hooligans comforting me and vying for space with me, DH coming in and running up the volume on the TV… sigh! Finally I got up and ran the vacuum on all the sawdust and dirt tracked in, and then I made my cookie dough for the sugar cookies I’ll be baking and decorating for Audubon meeting Tuesday evening.

Oh, Mary! Quilting company that are bringing FOOD so you don’t have to cook it all!!! You must be in heaven! Sounds like you had a fun afternoon and more today!

I delivered all the Christmas 2017 gifts late yesterday afternoon. The ones who opened theirs loved them. In fact, DGD (the one getting married and for whom I’m addressing the invitations) loved her sunflowers! My next project is 6 placemants and napkins to match/coordinate to give at her shower(s). The LQS is having their 7th birthday party/sale tomorrow, and I have my list made! I have the sunflower fabric, but I need some coordinates. You get to draw a discount and see it before you shop… sure hope I get a BIG discount!!! I’ll go after I have lunch with Mom and come back here and take care of Choc and Maggie and unload groceries. I will need to get up EARLY tomorrow so I can get groceries before I meet my friend for coffee after I feed the calves and get a shower. Tomorrow will be a FULL day. The LQS is in the opposite (almost) direction from Mom’s town.

And, no, I didn’t go ahead and make a chicken runner for me. I was ready to get this batch finished. I still want one, but I have too much to do for others to think of me.

I am 3/7 of the way finished with the invitations. I can do about 12 an evening. There are 7 pages with 30 or so on a page, and I finished page 3 last night. The copper colored metallic iridescent ink is beautiful on the cream envelopes.

Irish—I knew the quilt was heavy when I finished, but I also thought about the “weight” of “security”. Sometimes they like the comfort of the pressure and find it calming. So glad it’s loved and enjoyed! I just had so many ideas in my head for it that it kept growing. So glad he finds something “new” in it. Hope it keeps memories alive to talk about. Usually they are smaller, but I loved the military shirt! That’s my DH—meeting the geezers for coffee every morning and nothing deters them!!! NOTHING! Simple for dinner sounds delicious!


Becca—yes, Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow here, too. The sun was sparkling on the frost this morning… brilliant! But… 12 degrees!!! I had to put on my fleece lined jeans. I was having a hard time this morning. I hope to enjoy making lots of small quilts for giving, but with three grands married or getting married… who knows?

Jana—I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter or seen the movies, either. I’ll have my zucchini pancakes with maybe salsa or just butter… They really sound good. They might be good as wraps for soft tacos… I know… call me crazy! I think DH wishes I didn’t have such strange tastes!

I need to begin dinner prep. Hopefully Mary is busy and doesn’t see this… we’re having lobster tails, courtesy of the Florida hunters. I’ll have to fix something on the side—Brussells sprouts for me, I think. I may make some scalloped potatoes real quick.

Bon appétit!
2/2/2018 3:05:11 PM
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