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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Feb 1st
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Wow! A whole month of 2018 already gone! I don't think I've even written the year yet except on Ziplocks of food going into the freezer! lol!

Yesterday was nice. We got the house spic and span for guests, and I finished the last item on my spring cleaning list - our bathroom. I HATE cleaning bathrooms. We have a lot of cabinets in our private bath and I went through every bit of them, sorting, washing, organizing. Time to relax a bit before Bob & Betsy arrive. Not sure what time that will be. Then we'll have two days to enjoy their company before they leave Sat morning.

No response yet from Vicki's kids regarding the letter we sent them. To be honest, we expect none, but it did let us vent our frustration to the proper folks! Hope she doesn't do anything to our friends' RV or dog!

IRISH - so happy you had such a nice day with Jim! He sounds like a 'colorful' character! So sorry for your DBIL. My brother, Jim's, Parksinsons symptoms began in his right shoulder - aching and trembling. I hope your DBIL doesn't have that!!

CHICKIE - I'm afraid Choc and Maggie would have a tough time of it if I were in charge of them! I just don't "do" dark! and it's usually pretty dark at midnight! And yes, good question - when are spring calves due?? How old are your present babies?

BECCA - glad you found a new doctor you like. Not everyone will take new patients or Medicare patients these days! and yes, a phenomenon takes place when you add clams to potato soup. Turns it immediately into catfood!

BECKY - Actually, asking about the glasses for the eclipse, even though lunar, proves he was thinking of safety! After all the hype of the last eclipse. He didn't forget! I, too, gave it a fleeting thought, though worked it on through to lunar vs. solar. Tacos is a good consolation prize!

LINDA - sounds like spring is in full swing at your house! We've driven through the Blossom Trail a few times. Magnificent!! Sophia Petrillo was "Ma" on Golden Girls. And now I have her iconic hairdo! Except mine is red (mostly) instead of grey.

TINA - the dinner gong is gonging!!

JANA - Robotics club! The wave of the future! Makes me think of Irish's DGS, Nick, who was also in robotics competitions! Both boys must have a wheelbarrow load of smarts!

Supper tonite - got it covered! we are going out to eat with Bob & Betsy since we are having a big 10-person BBQ tomorrow night. Not sure if it will be Mexican, Italian, or "Other" yet. We have several Asian restaurants, too - Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Fusion - but they wouldn't be OUR first choice. We'll see what B&B are in the mood for.

and what are YOU in the mood for tonite?

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2/1/2018 7:48:47 AM
Good morning! We are going to be 25 degrees cooler than yesterday! Yesterday was a perfect winter day—around 60 degrees or so with not too much wind. The hooligans and I enjoyed our walk to take care of all the other dogs. DH and I had a ride in the side-by-side accompanied by the hooligans later for another dog walk at Choc and Maggie’s. I think our high was at midnight, as it doesn’t seem to be going to warm any today. Bye-bye nice weather!

Yesterday I put together my last Christmas gift runner. Today I will sandwich and start quilting it.

Mary—if you still have the cleaning bug, you can come here. I really need to get bit by it and get into cabinets, closets and pantry. And then… there’s my sewing room closet… What a MESS!!!

Spring calves probably start turning up in late February. We had a cow miscarriage several weeks ago, but it was super early. Guess we won’t have over 100% success like last year. I’m sincerely hoping not to have more bucket calves. My hostas and other flowers need relief from munching calf teeth. This was the first time I’d had a bottle calf in 10 years. I guess Blondie and Annie are old enough to fend for themselves… they are around 6 months old. I guess they are just spoiled like all the critters around me.

DH goes with me to the midnight dog runs after an incident with the ex-wife last fall. She has moved out of town now, so I don’t think there would be any more incidents, but it’s nice to have company along! Of course, the hooligans are always with me! They wouldn’t miss an opportunity for a treat.

Mary—a CHOICE of restaurants!!! Wow!!! We are so limited here. Of course, DH prefers the steak places, so guess it works out.

As for dinner tonight… more of the stuffed peppers. I get the peppers, DH gets the stuffing. We have refried beans, corn, salsa, lettuce and chips to go with them. I found a recipe for beer bread turned into a coffee cake with apples in it (apple fritter cake) and may try the recipe on DH for dessert.

Bon appétit!
2/1/2018 8:08:57 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,cloudy & dreary today But Sure the sun is shining on some of you.

Chickie Your apple fritter cake sounds delicious.So Glad DH goes with you on those midnite outings.You & Izzy are brave souls.She said she feeds her goats at 3 AM.UGH.

Maryz Your House must be spotless by now.Company coming Sure motivates us.Enjoy your guests & nite out.
Oh I was sorry to read about your DS in CO.Wow your family is going thru trials.
My project now is a baby quilt I had waiting to be Hand quilted.I started it yesterday.

Linda Your scenery sounds lovely.I love Spring time.

Becky Sure the teens Loved the Tacos.

Irish Glad Jim is having some better days.Sorry to hear about DBIL.

Velda Know you’re working hard on your beautiful quilt.

We have chicken pie leftover.Just as good the 2 nd time around.Will add a veggie.
DH has his treat.Mint Chocolate Cookies. Becca
2/1/2018 8:29:01 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Another cold quiet day here. Sarah and Michael got the wall for the door space built and into place yesterday. Now onto the short wall under the stairs, behind where the toilet will be placed. They went to Lowes and got the fan and electrical box needed. Installing that next. It is coming - slowly.

Dinner - no idea - maybe out for someone else to cook.

Do something fun!

2/1/2018 9:47:22 AM
Irishgram Send a Message
Good afternoon from a dreary but not as cold (40), SW. Pa...Most of the snow is gone and the rest should be gone later today..Probably in time for new stuff to start falling, lol.... And tomorrow when Phil comes out of his hole, I hope someone shoots him!

Mary, I've been trying to think if I've ever had the whole house clean, completely clean at any given time...It never fails, I get a good start, good intentions but then, oh well, we all know what happens with those good intentions.....Now my sister has that gene, she's like you, a whirlwind, plus being a super cook...Not sure what happened to me, I'm just short and cute, lol....When I talked to my sister, she did tell me, DH does have a terrible time walking and eating and even when sitting, his right arm/hand and leg are constantly jumping...

Jana, I was so excited to hear about the robotics competition...I really, really miss those days...I would spend my Saturday's in front of the computer watching the matches and cheering them on...It really is unbelievable what these young people can do..A very, very good start for anyone interested in engineering or anything related..Wishing nothing but the best at the competition and hoping they go on to Nationals....You must be so proud....

Chickie, Hey, I'd like that 60 degree perfect winter day...I need sun and lots of it, lol...Did want to tell you, on Tuesday when I was with Jim, another Hospice gal was with me (super gal) and I showed her the quilt...Well, Jim really took an interest and started checking out everything again..It was perfect...And I'm also thinking because it is a "heavy" quilt, it helped with him sitting in the chair, kept him more in place...She did tell me, they also have these quilts but nothing as special as this one...She was very impressed...
So, Chickie, Tina and Mary, "you done good", lol....

Becca, I agree with you about those gals making those "middle of the night" runs...I had to go out looking for "BabyGirl" when she slipped out the window one night last summer and I think I was in shock mode and didn't know what I was doing, lol..Thank goodness she came running quickly.....Your chicken pot pies sound so good, I might just have to make a couple...That used to be one of Jim's favorites...

On the days I visit with Jim, I usually don't get too much accomplished but that's OK, the cats aren't complaining if the carpets didn't get vacuumed...It is kind of funny, when I leave I tell them both to be good and I'm sure they understand...And as soon as I pull into the garage, both of them are sitting at the top of the steps waiting...I'll never be lonely as long as I have my fur babies....

Not sure what my dinner will be...I did pick up some yummy lunch meat and cheese on my way home yesterday so maybe just a sandwich and soup....But, there's always a bag of chips hidden in the cupboard is I run out of ideas.....

You all have a great day.............

Happy eating.............

Eagle Update:

Those eaglets in Ft. Myers are really growing and have been stretching those wings....won't be long before they start flapping and trying to get a little "wind beneath their wings"...Always funny to watch...Also funny watching them trying to figure out what to do with their clown feet.....What a delight!
2/1/2018 9:51:24 AM
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