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SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Jan 31st
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good cloudy morning!

We got up at 0430 to see the lunar eclipse. But we have too many tall trees around us, so we took our coffee, hopped in the car, and drove to a nearby park. Too cloudy. We drove all around town - which actually isn't that big a deal in our little town - and we still had heavy cloud cover. No eclipse for us! But the dog enjoyed the ride! And that's what really matters.

thank you all for the compliments on our room. It will never be featured in House Beautiful, but it's 'us' and we hope it appears warm and inviting to visitors.

Yesterday I helped Bill assemble some garage shelves and then we loaded them up. After that I went inside and actually sewed a couple of lotto blocks! First time I've sewn anything in two weeks. But Bill was in the garage breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling. He used a step ladder to get up into the bin to stomp it down, lost his balance and the bin fell over, toppling him out. He landed on his hip on the concrete floor and now is gimping around. He's got a sore spot the size of a grapefruit, but no bruise which has kind of disappointed him. He says something that hurts this bad should have a nice big bruise to show off! Wonder who he planned to show it off to!

Friends are arriving tomorrow for 2 days. They bring their camper so are pretty self-contained. But there are still some regular uglies to do but no fancy chores to prepare for their visit! In my spare time, I'll finish up some lotto blocks.

BECKY - your poor DH!! I feel for him! An ideal thing for him would be implants, but oh the $$$!! I have two and they cost $9,000 for both. But I love them. More sturdy than my natural teeth. I was hesitant, but received encouragement from a good friend I trust. But I can't imagine paying for a whole mouth full. In Mexico they are much cheaper. Just a thought if you're so inclined . . . Bill has a Mexican dentist and has had fillings ($50) and crowns ($200) that are just fine. But we know no one yet who has had implants.

CHICKIE - if your thread keeps breaking another thought is the thread. How old is it? You've probably already tested it, but if you can break it with your hands, then it's too old. Even if it's good quality and you just bought it, who knows how long it sat in a warehouse. I had a haircut a few weeks ago. She forgot to ask how I wanted it but just started in cutting while I was distracted by her puppy who was in my lap. Now I look like Sophia Petrillo! lol!

BECCA - glad your blood work was all good. and I love potato soup! Some people ruin it by adding clams, but I like mine "straight"!

VELDA - chops in the slow-cooker with leftovers sounds like a great plan to me! I use my slow-cooker probably at least twice a week.

I have some green bell peppers in the fridge and I found some leftover filling in the freezer so we're having stuffed peppers tonite. With a green salad on the side.

What's your supper plan for tonite?

1/31/2018 6:34:03 AM
Good morning! I’ve been to Choc and Maggie’s, fed all the calves and cows, picked up the tubs DH keeps for grain and utility that blew all over the yard, fed the birds, put myself together and had a cup of coffee, then I vacuumed and mopped the floors. I conveniently mopped myself into a corner by my computer and here I sit on break! DH has to go to town and work on a rental this afternoon, so I’ll try to throw some shine on the floor while he is gone. I’ll conveniently box myself into my sewing room while it dries.

I was up several times and looked for the moon, then I fell asleep and missed it. I was really tired. Was at Choc and Maggie’s at almost midnight, then my knee hurt and I couldn’t sleep, so when I finally did… missed the moon. Had to get up early to go to Choc and Maggie’s, and when I was going out the door Pocket Lint was begging (bawling) for her feed, so I fed her and the calves feed before I went to see the other dogs. Everyone is always begging for food around here!

I really need another cup of coffee! I’ll get it in a bit.

Mary—poor Bill! Yes, wonder who he was going to show that bruise to… LOL! He’s fortunate he doesn’t have a break! Women aren’t the only ones who break their hips. You are going to be so busy with company!

No, my thread is new, and the needle change fixed the problem. I finished that table topper and began cutting out and designing the last one. It’s on my wall waiting for me to come and finish it. I’m thinking I should do one for me as well… Chickens! You know how I like them!!! DDIL has her kitchen done in chickens and loves the table runners for her dining table. I think she displays and uses about everything I make for her.

Stuffed peppers is on my menu tonight, too. Mine will be in poblano peppers, so will have a Mexican flair. I’m going to pop them in the slow cooker before too long. DH isn’t crazy about Mexican, but if that’s all that’s served… I guess he could always have grilled cheese.

Need to do a little touch up on the foor, and DH should be here for brunch soon…

Bon appétit!
1/31/2018 8:23:48 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,sunny here & up to 40.After. Cold nite.

Maryz I missed the moon too.It was cloudy here.I Never Add clams Either.That would mess up soup.i I got a laugh over Bill wanting a bruise.Arnica gel helps with bruises.
You were serious about seeing the moon.Sorry it didn’t pan out.

Chickie,All your feeding chores sure keep you busy.Glad you’re finally getting some sewing time in.Doesnt it make you feel good when you see others use what you give them?

Becky I feel for your DH.Do hope he can get replacements.Anything at the Dentist is expensive.

Irish Hoping the sun reaches you today.And Jim greets you wth a smile.Makes the World a brighter place.

Vel I know how slow Hand quilting goes.Once a big one took me 2 months.I was so tired of it.Sure yours will be beautiful.

I did find a new Dr(Allergy) I have seen him once before when I was sick & liked him.They are all different.Inknew this was coming So wasn’t surprised.
All’s well at regular check up too & bWork was good. I did get most of Uglies done.Stillhave to Get dust bunnies.& do floors.
We are having chicken pie.cole slaw.green beans.Thanks to DD & DSIL. Becca
1/31/2018 9:36:20 AM
Irishgram Send a Message
Good afternoon from a sunny but still cold, SW. Pa...BUT, we are warming up a bit.....

Mary, checked out your pictures and I love you room...It really does look warm and inviting...Hope to be able to try it out some day....My heavens, poor Bill and then to have "nothing" to show for it, darn! I'm the opposite, I get colorful before I even hit the ground...AND if you'd see Jim now, he has the prettiest black/blue/purple/red eye you'd ever want to see..This is from the fall last week when he got out of bed and hit his head on the wall...The other day, he either said, "someone beat the heck out of me" or "I beat the heck out of someone" but he didn't say, heck...

Once again, I won't be able to stay and chat...Yesterday, I spent the whole day with Jim, didn't leave to come home until 6:30...A gal from Hospice sat and visited with us and it was just the best day...But, today, I'm trying to catch up and then have an appointment this afternoon...So, off to fold clothes, run around with the vacuum and then off I go....
Did talk to my sister and her DH is now having Parkinsons symptoms but just on the right side...Not sure if this is coming from his latest TIA and has a call into the doctor...Life is never boring in this family......

For dinner, just hoping the car takes care of that.........

You all have a great day, sorry to run out on you......

Happy eating.................
1/31/2018 10:35:41 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Hello ladies,
Will mention to JR that you all feel sorry for him. He will be glad someone does! Ha...He is leaning toward just getting them all pulled and dentures. They are wanting to restore some, but several years ago, the docs did warn him that his medicines would more than likely cause this, so it was not really unexpected. We did think there would be a little more notice. Apparently, they rot from the inside, and break before you know it. Wish they would have told us that was the case last year when we paid for two crowns that are not any good anymore.....
Sorry that Bill doesn't have anything to show for his effort though. I, too, wonder who he would show it to.
We did not see the lunar eclipse. The kids and I looked for it at the bus stop, but we had too much cloud cover and fog to see anything at all. Ian was so disappointed, although he was asking where the special glasses were. The boy is strange at times.
And, since Ian was so disappointed this morning, I told him that we would have tacos tonight. He does like it better when you can say Taco Tuesday, but he would take them any night at all, so tonight is the night......
Have a great evening. Becky
1/31/2018 12:12:11 PM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
Afternoon all:

We were really foggy until noon today, so no looking at the moon. And it delayed our walk until then because of the wet, dripping, cold. Now the hazy sun is out and it is creeping into the 50's.

MaryZ - love your "new" room. I am a fan of woodsy things. Our designer, who is helping us make over our house, has learned not to push us into millenial blacks, greys or whites, so we are brown all the way. Who is Sophia Patrillo?

Becky - My brother went the full implant route, at $25,000. They look nice and white and straight but from my point of view his bite is all wrong. He still has trouble chewing certain foods and I thought that was was going to be solved when he got his new teeth. But I have to stay out of it.

Becca - My allergy season is starting too. February to June. Zertec bottle is front and center on the bathroom counter, box of kleenex in every room and in EVERY pocket. Glad your blood work looks good.

Farm Chick - I get tired just reading all you get done before I have even finished my coffee. That floor of yours must be wearing out from all the mopping you do, LOL.

DH finished digging all the Japanese Tea Bamboo roots out, down to a foot in the back yard. Those suckers spread everywhere! That is why we pulled them out. He was working on them for several weeks now. He is also starting seeds for his tomatoes and herbs. Our winter is basically over and all the surrounding orchards of fruit trees will be in bloom in two weeks. Then the whole valley will be dark pink, light pink and white for 3 weeks. We call it the Blossom trail. There is very little snow in the mountains so unless we have a March miracle, we will be in drought conditions again this year.

Sad news, one of my quilting buddies from our little TLQG, has been diagnosed with a brain mass. She is 86 and just the sweetest person. Don't know any details yet but so sad she has to endure this.

Spent all last evening cutting fabric in preparation for Fri/Sat's retreat. I am going to make a donation quilt to give to our host. Her husband had a liver transplant, so she donated a kidney to someone, who then had someone in their family donate a kidney. The "pay it forward" went through 16 people. She had mentioned at guild if we could give her donation quilts for the people who have given kidneys. Good way to use up my stash. My back was tired from all the cutting, but I am looking forward to the retreat.

Well, gotta get lunch and get outside to trim up the lantana and clean up the iris, feed the roses and plant the crocus. Spring is almost here for us! DH has pork ribs in the crock pot, with his split pea soup for a starter tonight.

Prayers for all those in need.


1/31/2018 12:35:03 PM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good afternoon!

We just got home from the DDS's office. Michael had a cleaning appointment. I left him there and picked up Ethan when school got out.

Andrew, Matt's oldest has been in a robotics club associated with school and there was a regional competition last weekend and his team took first place in all catagories and now will compete at the State level on February 10th. Andrew is loving learning robotics. Matt, being a electrical engineer is helping out the team as well. Matt teaches the kids from a systems engineering view, how to access the problem, then tackle it. We will see how the team does in a couple of weeks.

The kids are making a big deal about my upcoming birthday, so we will all go out to dinner to a family style Italian restuarant on Feb 9th. Matt will be busy that weekend!

Dinner tonight, a couple of slow cooked pork chops with gravy smothering browned rice. A veggie will apppear too

We didn't get to see the trifecta lunar spectualar this morning, cloud cover. We still have cloud cover, but we are quite warm for wintertime.

Sarah is here helping Michael build the walls for the bathroom. Ethan and I are staying out of the way by watching Looney Tunes cartoons.

Mary - ouch for Bill. Michael "stomps" down the trash too when it gets too full. Only differance is puts the can so it is pinned in place and can't move before he jumps in. Now with grandkids, he holds their hand and they do the compacting.

Chickie - with spring fast approaching, a couple of new claves must be on the horizon. You new my new toy for mopping floors - the Bissel Crosswave. It cleans beautifully and is easy to use. Makes quick work of floors. It not only washes the floor, but vaccuums up the crude as it does. Floor dries quick too.

Becca - glad you found a new doctor for allegies. They are no fun!

Linda - the almond trees are always so pretty in bloom down in the valley. The first bloomers in the Bay Area are my main enemy - allergic to the yellow Acacia trees that are planted along the freeways. Pretty, but oh so sneezy for me! That tree can't grow here in Utah, boy am I glad for that!

Irish - the certainly knows the way! The girls with hospice always know just what to do! I had a friend in California that worked for a hospice there and she was a big help.

Well, better get going,
1/31/2018 1:15:48 PM
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