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Supper club. Tuesday, January 30
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
You asked for a tour our room. So I am trying a new thing and I think this is supposed to post a link to several pictures. We live in a split level house and this is the lower level. The washer and dryer are behind the bifold doors in the papered wall. The doors behind the TV is under-stair storage where most of the Christmas stuff lives. Our bedroom is down the hall.


Ok I had to have bill help me. And he put 5 pictures in a link in the next post. Hope you can see them. If not, I will try it again.

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1/29/2018 4:30:41 PM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA

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1/29/2018 4:33:48 PM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA

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1/29/2018 4:34:35 PM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Very nice! Love all the pictures - very comfy and cozy -calling to be lived in!
1/29/2018 8:05:59 PM
gershwin64 Send a Message
Oh I love it all! Thank you for sharing :)
1/29/2018 8:45:41 PM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Oooh, you got here before me this morning! I (read Bill) posted those pix last night and I saved the rest of my post for this morning. Glad you liked the tour. Just slip your quarter under the SEND key!

BECKY - you know, it was rude of me not to offer you FREE space to store some of that fabric . . . . My shelves are full, but for you, I'll build more shelves!

LINDA - how is your hubby this morning? How was the split pea soup? One of my all-time favorites! After seeing the masterpiece you finished not so long ago, I have no worries that your new quilt will be just as gorgeous!

IRISH - that must have been quite a site - a pretty bikini clad girl posing in the middle of the bridge span! lol! glad Scout's visit went well. Did the kitties get used to him?

TINA - sorry about your dad's migraine. Does he know what causes them? Possibly stress? You are so very good to him. I'm sure he blesses you with every breath he takes.

CHICKIE - You have a lot of floor. You need one of those BIG dust mops that janitors use! Did you get anything finished yesterday? Sewing wise? and how is your mom?

BECCA - we watched the NFL Pro Bowl last Sunday. It was in Orlando and is was absolutely pouring rain! I hope it lets up for your kids!

Yesterday we got the garage mostly cleaned. One shelving unit is OLD and has gone through a house fire that destroyed everything but it. So Bill says he's going to get some of those metal shelves at Costco. He got one unit a few years back and loves it. And we need a few other things while we're there - paper towels, lettuce, parmesan - so we're off to shop today.

I never really intended to actually spring clean the entire house, but you know - all that's left to do is our bathroom, and my closet! So, I think I'll do those today and declare my house CLEAN! Tomorrow will be vacuum everything because on Thursday we have our good friends coming from Oregon in their camper to stay for two nights. She had her 6-yr check-up at U of WA since her lung transplant and they are stopping to visit on their way home. This lady, Betsy, is the sweetest person, married to the sweetest rascal. Can't wait to see them.

Supper tonite - we have enough bean soup left and Bill has really been enjoying it. But I have a plan for stuffed peppers if he isn't up for soup 3 nights in a row.

And you?
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1/30/2018 6:00:03 AM
Very neat! Love the wine center! Knew you would figure out what to do with that "island"! Works purrrfectly!

I finished the binding on one of the table runners I started and am quilting on the next to last one. My thread kept breaking as I did the free-motion quilting, and before I went to sleep last night I think I solved it--change the needle from piecing to top stitch. I'll be in there in a few minutes to see if it works.

I've been feeding calves this morning and making myself presentable. I trimmed 2" off my hair--just the old, dead winter hair. I can still pull it back and up (barely), so I'm good. It's just way to thin and fine to wear down... ever!

Yesterday was cool and blustery. Ended up going to Cherryvale to the vet to get maintenance Bravecto and Interceptor for the hooligans. We sat in the car and I read a book while DH was having his teeth cleaned.

I need to sweep the floors again... every day! I'd love a giant mop, but I haven't found one. I do pretty well with what I have--several, in fact. The only problem with a big one is it would be difficult to maneuver around and under all the furniture. Guess I'll stick with the smaller ones.

For dinner tonight... I have a big pot of "my" vegetable soup, and DH will have corn, steak, baked potato and pudding.

Bon appetit!
1/30/2018 7:48:25 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,sunny here but a cold one.Down to 20 last nite with snow on roofs & in grass this morning.School delayed but went later.

Maryz Your rooms look great.Love your Island.A very nice redo.
Oh the kids have sun today so Know they are happy.Dont Think it would bother them anyway.Dad sent pictures & they were all happy except little one.She looked puzzled by it all.Shes 16 months so a tad young for it all.

Chickie Im Sure your Hair looks pretty any way you fix it.Enjoy your outing.

Jana Sure you’re busy in Batt Cave.

Linda Any quilt you make is a beauty.

Tina Hope Dads Head is better.And you are settling down some.

Irish I laughed about Kathy & her Welcome sign picture.Hope it’s a good one for you.

All’s well at Dr.Blood work all good.Also got my monthly DGeneral run finished.
Now on to other chores for the day.In making potato soup out of leftover potatoes from yesterday.And I’m making ham biscuits.Stopped at bakery & got DH his treat. Becca
1/30/2018 10:07:56 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Lovely home! Thanks for sharing. How neat to post several pictures all together.

Supper? Cooked chops in slow cooker yesterday. So... Leftovers tonight. I love leftovers, no extra cooking. :)
1/30/2018 10:24:10 AM
FavoriteGrandma Send a Message
rural missouri
Good afternoon ladies,
Beautiful house Miss Mary. Also, will take your offer into consideration! Great friends on here....LOL...
I am going to sound like a broken record, having the chili tonight, last night, the kids just wanted grilled cheese and fries, so that was easy enough too.....In a couple weeks, have to be figuring out what DH can eat, they are pulling all his top teeth and he will have a plate or something. Not sure what they are going to do with the bottom ones yet, but the top, all will be gone....
Have a great evening....Becky
1/30/2018 2:20:20 PM
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