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Setting up a sewing room
GrannyBird Send a Message

I'm quickly outgrowing my sewing closet (Really, folks! It really is a closet!) and will be converting a 10x12 room into a sewing room. I would really appreciate some ideas for maximizing my space on a budget. Thanks!
4/13/2014 6:29:06 AM
Hi, and Welcome GrannyBird, Are we supposed to have a budget for our sewing room????LOL I did mine in bits and pieces and hit lots of thrift stores and places like Walmart etc to furnish mine. I just used money left over at end of month if we had any. LOL

An old dresser with lots of drawers will come in really handy. I use some big tubs since that is where all my fabric was in the past few yrs. But I use the drawers to put unfinished projects (UFOs), or similar colors or fabric types (like flannels)in diff drawers. Keeps it a little more organized and easier to dig thru than a big tub.

I have some under the bed tubs tho, clear ones, that I love. Small enough that just about right height for fat qtrs., or all my sewing gadgets like rulers etc. My sewing room is on end of my bedroom, right by the window so I can watch the birds and critters or flowers, or sky as I sew.

You will need some kind of table or sewing desk to put your machine on. I just use a long folding table. Works for me and can stack some things on one end or use the entire length when manhandling a big quilted project. It is under the window so lots of nice natural lighting too. And wide enough for my cutting board when I need it.

Must have, comfy chair, clock (to help you remember time does march on even when you are having fun,) a radio or tv to entertain you while you work unless you enjoy the peace and quiet. That part is ok too. My DH thinks we need something on every waking min. I love peace and quiet.

DH got me a very tall 5 shelf bookcase/storage thing. It is enough spaces between shelves to put those 12" sq cube things (2 per shelf) for lots of storage. I got mine at Big Lots but Walmart sells the tubs too. Mine are canvas and in diff colors so bright up the room but hide any messy stuff you toss inside until you pull the tub out. Works for me. One shelf is for my quilting books.

But enough of my ideas. Please tell us something about yourself and let us know what you end up doing. It is fun to decorate someone else's house or at least their special little corner of it. Where do you live? I am in the Kansas City MO area.

God bless as you quilt, hugs across the miles, Shirley Mae
4/13/2014 12:27:12 PM
MainelyMe Send a Message
A cart on rollers that can be moved easily in and out of the closet. Some use a tool stand like you an get at Sears and Home Depot.
4/13/2014 12:55:44 PM
Don't forget you will need some sort of design wall. This can be something portable or a simple flannel sheet you can hang from the wall/ceiling when needed.

4/13/2014 2:06:57 PM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
My room is 10x10 and I have a LOT crammed into it, but it's all accessible and the room is very user-friendly. I went to the Goodwill and got an old LP rack for my rulers. Smaller rulers, pens, markers, rotary cutters, etc go in one of those napkin/silverware holders designed for picnic tables. Some people put them on walls and if you have wall space, this is great. I don't.

I store most of my fabrics in two tall cabinets with glass doors that we got at IKEA many years ago for another purpose. fabrics are safe from dust but all visible. I never tire of that view! Just be sure they don't face a window with sun streaming in which might fade the fabric.

My sewing table is a farm table and DH cut a whole to drop my machine into. Actually a few years after we made this we see Eleanor made a video with her sons using the exact same table we did. You can access that video here, I think.

I also have a cafeteria table set at an "L" with my sewing table which is a good work space. You can get risers to raise the height if you wish. My rulers are in their rack at the end of this table.

I have a cutting table that collapses to 12" wide, but extends on both sides to make it 72". I can open that whenever I need it. I usually only use one "wing" of that table and I attached a cutting mat to it with a couple of large black office claw clips.

I have a few small plastic rolling carts - again all found at Goodwill. One is the width of shoeboxes and has several drawers for my scraps: white/cream, light, med, dark, etc, and fits nicely beneath my work table. Another, 15" wide, houses orphan blocks, denim fabrics, 30's repro fabrics, specialty fabrics and is in the closet. On top of that I have four 12x12x3 plastic boxes (Goodwill!) for WIP's (Works in Progress).

Finally, I have two 4-shelf shelving units. Here are my flannels, all folded as if on bolts, and larger pieces of fabric. I have the length of the fabric written on a tiny piece of paper and pinned to each fabric so I don't have to pull everything out and measure when looking for a specific length like for backings. Also on these shelves are other items like my fusibles, interfacings, fleece, a box of HST's, lacy hankerchiefs (some day), and other supplies. At the very top is my cat's bed, positioned so she can look out the window.

This is a lot of detail, I know, but check out your thrift shops for storage ideas before putting a lot of money into new things. Even my shelving units came from my parents and from the Goodwill.
4/14/2014 7:44:50 AM
WeeOne Send a Message
Here's how I have a design wall in my sewing room.

If you have bi-fold closet doors, buy 4 plastic over the door hooks. They are flat and doors will close without a problem. Buy the tablecloth with flannel backing, by the yard, it's 54" wide and get it about 3" longer. Turn under the 3" and space across it with 4 buttonholes large enough for the hooks. It works great. If you need in your closet you can take down one side or all of it.

4/15/2014 9:12:10 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
Granny just make it yours:) I too have lots of odds and ends in mine from a china cabinet to rolling drawers to a corner entertainment center. All holding an array of fabric, notions and books.

I would recommend putting your thread on the wall hanging sorters right over your sewing area:)) Also I just put nice white nails in to hold all my rulers by shape: triangle, circle, square and long and short ones. Also hang my templates up that way too:)

Design wall is a must and like they said the back of an outdoor table cloth works great. I got one at the dollar store but I really liked Lyns idea on the bifold doors:))

Have fun I keep everything against the walls so I can use floor to roll around on from cutting table to ironing board to sewing machine or for laying out blocks to sew into rows:))

Good luck

4/17/2014 1:24:10 PM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
I have a shed out in our backyard. Definatly use your wall space. I have one of those plastic buffet tables you see in churches. This one you can adjust the legs. The highest adjustment makes it great for a cutting table. I got my shelves from Home Depot. They are the metal kind people are using in the kitchens. Hope this helps.

4/18/2014 3:05:19 AM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
I've purchased from Wal-Mart, plastic drawers on wheels, for my small sewing tools, elastics, pins etc.. Wheel it around wherever very handy. Lightweight, easily moved by your comfy chair watch TV.

When tired of the poor quality, and drawers don't slide easily, yard sale it goes, mothers with young baby ltd apartment space takes them for baby clothes, they remove the drawer bring them down to their laundry facilty out of dryer, back in drawer then return shelve on wheelies. They love them, even if broken..
4/18/2014 4:11:47 AM
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