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Have you ordered from Keepsake Quilting? Requested a refund
Tess Send a Message
gone quilting
I placed an order October 1st for Ecru thread. When I received the thread it was brownish green. I called and was told to return the thread with a short note asking for an exchange--which I did. I waited 2 weeks and called. I was told my requested thread was out of stock, but would be shipped the second week in November. If I could find this thread local I wouldn't have ordered it. I placed this order a little over 7 weeks ago... I think they should send the thread or refund my credit card. Am I being ugly???


I still haven't received my order and don't think I will. I requested a refund...Hopefully they will honor my request
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11/25/2012 7:36:16 AM
Oasis Send a Message
West Coast
I think you are being reasonable! But I am really shocked that Keepsake hasn't already returned your money. I've had incomplete orders a few times and other times, things that I didn't order. They have always been extremely prompt in righting everything after a phone call.

Hopefully it has just been overlooked, but I would call and ask for the credit to be put back to the card and ask that they let you know when the thread is back in stock. Then you will be free to buy it or not. Very irritating, especially at this time of year when we are trying to get things done.


11/25/2012 7:49:34 AM
keepsake Quilting has been bought out by investment bankers and since then, not only the products but, customer service seems to be going down hill fast. I have stopped going there along with several others that used to shop there.

11/25/2012 8:11:06 AM
mic-pa Send a Message
Hallstead, Pa.
OH my gosh, 12stepquilter, I hate to think about Keepsake Quilting going down the tubes. I love their fabric and have ordered things from them in the past with out a problem. sorry to hear they have been sold to a big Co. Not a good thing.
11/25/2012 9:36:24 AM
MainelyMe Send a Message
I completely agree with 12stepquilter, since they were bought out by a large company I've heard a lot of complaints and they just aren't what they used to be. It seems that things are on "back order" very often, and some never show up even when they are still in the catalog. It's a shame this is happening. The actual store is still great, but I think I would hesitate on the ordering from them. JMHO
11/25/2012 11:41:25 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
I'd demand my money back, including any postage it may have cost you to return the thread they sent by mistake. Sad news about a good quilting source.
11/25/2012 1:41:28 PM
ollie1shoe Send a Message
N E Alabama
Sorry to hear this I would ask for a prompt refund
11/25/2012 5:40:25 PM
karpet Send a Message
I recently had an order with Keepsake and one item was marked 'backordered'. I waited several weeks and was trying to figure out when it would be in stock again, and then I just got a letter saying basically, sorry - it won't be coming - here is a coupon for free shipping. It sure didn't blow sunshine up my skirt.
11/26/2012 5:05:18 PM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
I just received an order that I placed with Keepsake Quilting last week. Everything came on time and was in good shape, but I will watch any further orders. I have never had any trouble with my orders. I would really be on their case Tess. Keep after them.

11/26/2012 6:30:25 PM
Oh so sad. I haven't ordered in a while but always been very happy.
11/27/2012 3:07:51 AM
So sorry to hear a good company has been bought out by a consortium of people who have no idea of the customer service, congeniality and quilting savy needed to be in the quilt shop business... it's not always about the "bottom line" on one order but about going the extra step and making a quilting customer/friend forever. They used to be a favorite place to order from, but it seems recently they are more expensive than anyone else.
11/27/2012 6:54:56 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
You are being very reasonable.So sad when big companies take over & customer service goes down the tube.Demand a refund on card.Hope you get it resolved.....Becca
11/27/2012 1:08:45 PM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
I think they should send you a refund and when they finally get it back in they should send you some free thread as an appology for the mixup.

11/28/2012 1:42:56 AM
Sorry to hear they are no longer a privately owned quilt shop/ I have ordered from them and not had a problem but find they do not have any good deals. and are a little pricey with the cost of shipping.
12/7/2012 5:13:09 PM
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