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Joanns on line sale Accuquit GO 40% off - but read the fine print!
Pilot2b Send a Message
They have theirs listed as regular $499.99, so with 40% off same as EL's. I wrote then a note about this.
12/12/2009 11:48:17 PM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
I am curious about what the reply will be. Let us know if you get one.
12/13/2009 2:59:59 AM
sewbug Send a Message
Right Here
Bayside Quilting has the Go for $300 plus free shipping.
I can't find the Go on QIAD site. I used search and got Sorry. I don't see a listing for it anywhere.
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12/13/2009 3:13:43 PM
I found it by typing in "go cutter" in the search. $349.
12/13/2009 3:52:46 PM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Helen don't you have 1 I thought you bought 1 off someone.

12/13/2009 4:56:04 PM
Pilot2b Send a Message
i have one, but haven't gotten to use it yet. No sewing room until I get boxes from move unpacked, only cat can find a secret spot.

I called Accuquit this AM and hold them about Joanns. I thought it was pretty disgusting for Joanns to do this. Will let you know if I get a reply.

It was Joanns that had the Accuquit Go in my e-mail this weekend.

sewbug: See last sentence above.



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12/14/2009 8:58:10 AM
sewbug Send a Message
Right Here
I don't understand the problem with JoAnn's selling the Go if they want to. Who would buy a big ticket item like the Go from JoAnns? As far as the regular price on any of JoAnn's items they are way overpriced before the sale price is given. I seldom buy anything from them. They have terrible customer service if you order online.
12/15/2009 2:43:42 PM
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