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100 Blocks Blog Tour
EleanorsSon Send a Message
Carlsbad, CA
Eleanor has submitted a sneak preview block from her “Quilt Blocks Painted on Barns” book to Quiltmaker magazine’s special issue, “100 quilt blocks from Today’s Top Designers.

Follow the 100 Blocks Blog Tour daily Nov. 9-13 at quiltmaker.com/quiltypleasures for inspiration, ideas and giveaways galore! Look for 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers in your local quilt shop, or purchase it at quiltmaker.com/100blocks. We are giving away a free copy of the issue. To enter to win your free copy, please comment to this topic.

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11/11/2009 9:38:19 AM
quilterbee Send a Message
I'd would love to see all those blocks :o) Amie
11/11/2009 10:18:40 AM
quiltgranny Send a Message
Valparaiso IN
thank you so much for directing us to the website. The quilt blocks are beautiful. And some wonderful tips too..
11/11/2009 10:20:16 AM
If its Eleanor,its good! This looks like a great book!
11/11/2009 10:20:57 AM
Ms. Eleanor Burns painted a barn. A real barn? I did not know you could quilt a barn. Can not wait to see picture.
11/11/2009 10:21:24 AM
I can't wait to see the blocks
11/11/2009 10:34:45 AM
tnjacke Send a Message
my sewing room
Will check out the blog at Quiltmaker. That is one of my favorite magazines to buy at the news stands. I need to look for that issue, because I know I will not win one. I am also pleased to know the name of Eleanor's newest book. When will it be available?

Thanks for the heads up.

11/11/2009 10:39:38 AM
macdor Send a Message
Orlando, Fl
I'm going to see all the blocks, and take a look at the tips. Always can learn something new.
11/11/2009 10:42:17 AM
dsf618 Send a Message
Altmar, NY
I love Quiltmaker magazine and can't wait to see what El is up to!

11/11/2009 11:26:36 AM
I will check this out. Thanks you for the tip.
11/11/2009 11:53:03 AM
PAquilter Send a Message
beautiful SWPA
Wow! This sounds great! Quilt blocks on barns are becoming a big thing in many areas.... they have trails to follow, so this is a really neat idea!
11/11/2009 12:00:35 PM
Checkers Send a Message
Sounds like fun!
11/11/2009 12:10:24 PM
teddybear73 Send a Message
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Awesome can't wait to check out the pictures.
11/11/2009 12:10:55 PM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
I Love Quiltmaker I hope I win this and what a nice topic to have in it so I guess if I don't win it I will have to try and buy a copy of it.

Thanks for sharing
11/11/2009 12:20:05 PM
minniewolfe Send a Message
Mountain side
This is difference! I know that they painted hexes on barns, but not quilt blocks.
11/11/2009 12:37:59 PM
Oh this is fun! Would love to see all the blocks too! :-)

11/11/2009 1:52:05 PM
sewbug Send a Message
Right Here
Can't wait for the new book! What fun! Thanks.
11/11/2009 2:11:31 PM
Quilter7 Send a Message
How exciting! I am looking forward to seeing the top 100 blocks!
11/11/2009 2:33:10 PM
Irishgram Send a Message
Will be sure to check it out...I love Quiltmaker.....
11/11/2009 3:01:41 PM
rosebud3 Send a Message
This sounds really exciting. I'm gonna check it out daily. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

11/11/2009 3:58:41 PM
tagsmom Send a Message
Thanks for letting us know. I will look this up and watch for the magazine. thanks again
11/11/2009 4:12:31 PM
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